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    The Russo Brothers Talk ‘Secret Wars,’ Hint About Returning To Direct Two MCU Films

    ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers: End Game’ were one of the greatest cinematic experiences in the history of cinema. The Russo Brothers outdid everyone with the direction of the final installments of MCU Phase 3. In a recent interview, the duo brothers said they would return to Marvel, only for a ‘Secret Wars’ film.

    Yes, you read that right! Secret Wars film, directed by the Russo Brothers, might just be the next big epic film of Marvel.

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    A Secret Wars Film Is The Only Thing That Can Lure The Russo Brothers Back In MCU

    Secret Wars Film can be the next big epic Marvel Cinematic Experience
    Secret Wars Film can be the next big epic Marvel Cinematic Experience

    The Deadline conducted a quick Q/A with Anthony and Joe Ross. Talking about their return to the MCU, the brothers said that the door isn’t closed, but they’d only want to return for a Secret Wars Film. This one is going to be even more massive than ‘Avengers: Infinity Game’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’, since the crossover between the Avengers, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, and The Eternals will require proper laying out.

    Answering the question on their return, the director duo said, “Our love for Marvel is based on the books that we read as kids, the books that we fell in love with. The one series that we adored growing up was Secret Wars.”

    They continued, “It’s incredibly ambitious. It would be bigger than Infinity War and Endgame. But it’s a massive undertaking. Those two movies were very hard to make. So trying to imagine making another two movies even bigger than those two? We’re going to have to sleep on that.”

    The duo gave a slight hint, because, what did they mean by “two films”? Obviously, they’ve given some thought to the movies. Secret Wars live in-action film is going to be the craziest crossover on the big screens, one whose intensity cannot be fathomed in mere thought right now. The X-Men reboot in the Marvels is a work going in progress, and maybe Marvel might lay down some groundwork for Secret Wars.

    Marvel Doesn’t Ignore Its Fans And Their Demands

    Kevin Feige Hinted At a Possinle Secret Wars Film
    Kevin Feige

    Late last year, Kevin Feige said, “I’ve seen those rumors as well. Why is everyone talking about that now? That’s what I want to know. I think one person writes about it, and then another person writes about it, and then everybody’s writing about it, and then it’s happening.” 

    So Feige basically said, maybe a little indirectly, that it might happen? He hasn’t confirmed a Secret Wars film, but he hasn’t also denied it. Marvel is known to deliver to the fans what they want, and maybe Secret Wars can be the next fulfillment of the same.

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