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    “They’ve All Been Absolute Angels”: Ncuti Gatwa On Support He Received From Actors Who Played Lead On ‘Doctor Who’

    Sex Education‘ star Ncuti Gatwa is all set to step into the iconic role of the Doctor in the sci-fi show ‘Doctor Who. Gatwa is excited about the project as he has mentioned several times while promoting the show ahead of its release. His role on the show comes as a huge addition to his career achievements.

    Gatwa first rose to fame with his role as a queer student in ‘Sex Education‘. The actor also landed a role in Greta Gerwig’s recent superhit ‘Barbie‘. As he prepares to take on the huge responsibility of playing the lead in the much-acclaimed sci-fi show, he has received some useful advice from the actors who have been in his shoes before.

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    Ncuti Gatwa Opens Up About The Advice He Got From His ‘Doctor Who’ Predecessors

    Ncuti Gatwa
    Ncuti Gatwa

    Ncuti Gatwa has opened up about receiving some valuable advice and support from some of his predecessors on his upcoming show ‘Doctor Who‘. The 31-year-old actor is set to play the 15th Doctor in the long-running British sci-fi series.

    In an interview for Entertainment Weekly’s recent cover story on ‘Doctor Who, Ncuti Gatwa shared that since his casting was announced, he’s been receiving encouragement from former Doctors. Among the ones who reached out to him were Jodie Whittaker, Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith, David Tennant, and Sylvester McCoy among others.

    Speaking about the overwhelming experiences of getting advice from the seasoned actors, Gatwa said he is grateful for the warmth received from his fellow Doctors. “They’ve all been absolute angels,” Gatwa said, adding that he feels like he’s been inducted into an unofficial “Whovian family.”

    It’s a very small, very exclusive club, and it’s just nice to know that other people have gone through that experience as well. That solidarity from the other Doctors has been really nice,” he said during the interview.

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    Ncuti Gatwa Says It Is Important “To Have Fun” While Shooting For ‘Doctor Who’

    Ncuti Gatwa in' Doctor Who'
    Ncuti Gatwa in ‘Doctor Who’

    Though there has been immense pressure around him taking on such an iconic role, Ncuti Gatwa said he realizes the importance of having fun. He also asserted that all the Doctors he’s spoken to also shared the sentiment with him.

    The main thing that everyone has told me is: Remember to have fun,” Gatwa said. “You’ll never do a job like this again in your life, and you’ll never get to creatively go to the places that you get to go to on the show. So, soak it all in,” he added.

    With his role on the show, Gatwa is set to join a distinguished lineup of actors who have brought his titular character of Doctor to life since the series’ debut in 1963. As the 14th main actor to take on the role, Gatwa will follow the footsteps of actors like William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, and others.

    The show is set to return on Friday, May 10, on Disney+ and the BBC.

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