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    Travis Kelce is “Always Drunk” And Taylor Swift Is Drinking More In His Company, Claims Jana Kramer

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are one of the IT couples of Hollywood. Both show public affection and hang out a lot. Travis supports her by flying across for the Eras tour and Taylor also supports her during her NFL games and Super Bowl.

    The couple seems genuine and probably an endgame but singer Jana Kramer thinks otherwise. Jana accused Travis of always being drunk and she thinks the relationship is a publicity stunt.

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    Jana Kramer Points Out Travis Kelce’s Drinking Habits

    Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and Jana Kramer
    Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and Jana Kramer (Image via First Curiosity)

    Travis Kelce and the billion-dollar-worth singer, Taylor Swift are probably the most talked about couples in the industry right now. Jana Kramer while talking about them says that she is a little worried for Swift.

    During her podcast, ‘Whine Down,’ Kramer said that she “heard things” that have “rubbed her the wrong way.” Kramer feels that the couple being together is a publicity stunt. They both show PDA a lot in public, which is clique according to her. Kramer said, “I’m not saying [the relationship is] fake, I just have my own [opinions]. He reminds me of my ex. It feels a little corner, cheesy, and [Travis is] loving the attention.”

    She compared Kelce to her ex and said Travis is always drunk like him. She loved his behavior at first but later she rubbed off and thought something was off. Considering this, Kramer said, “loved it at first,” but as time passed, something changed and now, as per her, “Honestly, the Super Bowl thing kind of rubbed me the wrong way.”

    She continued, “The aggression there, and then I just kind of heard things that I just don’t like love.”

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    “I See Her Drinking More Now”: Jana On Taylor Swift Getting Influenced By Her Boyfriend 

     Jana Kramer
    Jana Kramer (Image via First Curiosity)

    Later in her podcast, Jana Kramer also shared her concern about Taylor Swift and her drinking habits. Swift, is a successful singer and has a lot of fan base of ‘Swifites’ around the globe. After Taylor makes her relationship with Travis public, she seems to hang out with him very often. 

    Paparazzi photograph them having drinks and kissing in public and at social gatherings. Talking about this Kramer said, “he’s always drunk” and “every time [she sees] a video, he’s just always drunk,” and because of that, she has noticed Taylor is “drinking more now because of the company you keep.”

    Taylor is legally allowed to drink and enjoy her life but she should also count on the fact that she has younger fans, who blindly follow her and it might create a bad impact on those children. Moreover, Kramer is just concerned for Taylor and feels that she has all the right to be happy. In the end, Kramer said she “just wants everyone to be happy.”

    All we hope is that Travis doesn’t end up being on Taylor’s next album.

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