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    Will Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Go To The 2024 Met Gala Together?

    As the 2024 Met Gala approaches, fans have been anticipating seeing some of the biggest faces on the red carpet this year. While many expected Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to make it to the carpet, sources have revealed that the power duo is skipping the night, and the reason is completely understandable.

    While both of them have continued to attend events together, with their recent outing being the Mahomes Gala where both of them auctioned off Eras Tour tickets priced at 4 times their original price, many were expecting the couple to show up in all its royalty at the most anticipated gala of the year. Here’s why they are skipping the Met Gala.

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    Why Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift Will Reportedly Skip The Met Gala

    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are reportedly skipping the 2024 Met Gala, as reported by TMZ. Sources have revealed that they received “individual invitations” but they both “RSVP’d ‘no.’”

    It’s obvious that Swift rejected the invitation because she would be getting back to her tour on the 9th of May. She will be resuming her tour, starting off with the European countries, and the first stop being Paris, France.

    But it’s fair to add that it wasn’t impossible for her to attend the gala, considering she flew down to watch Kelce’s NFL game, hours after performing a concert in Japan.

    Though it’s unclear why Kelce rejected the invitation, it most likely is because of Swift’s busy schedule. With the publicity of their relationship, many expected them to show up to the gala together, marking their first official appearance at a red carpet-event.

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    When Was The Last Time Taylor Swift Attended The Met Gala?

    Taylor Swift at the Met Gala
    Taylor Swift at the Met Gala

    In 2016, Swift made headlines as she showed up to the Met Gala in her recently done Bleachella look. As the night progressed, more headlines came up as she was seen dancing the night away with Tom Hiddleston– whom she was accused of cheating with on Calvin Harris.

    Later on, as her love story with Joe Alwyn progressed, it was revealed that the first time she met Joe Alwyn was at the Met Gala. The night ended up becoming one of the most significant nights of her career and also later made its way to a few of her songs.

    After that, she has not attended any Met Galas but fans were expecting the pop star to attend this year’s gala, considering the highly public image of herself she has maintained this year.

    Nevertheless, the night will still be star-studded as many celebrities have been confirmed to attend.

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