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    Watch: Taylor Swift Wipes Snot On Her Clothes During Eras Tour In Chilly Edinburgh, Leaves Fans Grossed Out

    Taylor Swift might seem like a goddess to Swifties, but she’s as human — and perhaps as gross — as any one of us could be. The pop sensation seemingly had an embarrassing moment on stage, which we’re sure she hoped the camera misses out on.

    However, as the bad weather had it, Taylor Swift was caught on camera struggling with her runny nose during her Eras Tour stop in Edinburgh, while performing at Murrayfield Stadium amidst 40-degree temperatures. Here’s all about the embarrassing incident.

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    Taylor Swift Wipes Her Nose, Wipes It Off On Her Dress On Stage

    Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift

    The cold weather in Edinburgh seemingly took a toll on Taylor Swift, as her nose kept dripping throughout her performances for three sold-out crowds. Swifties captured footage of Taylor wiping her nose and dealing with the resulting snot. Naturally, many fans found it quite unappealing.

    In several clips shared on social media, Swift can be seen wiping her nose and then rubbing the discharge onto her ‘Reputation‘ era jumpsuit. Well, can we really blame her? The star has been weathering 40-degree temperatures while performing singlehandedly to a crowd of thousands.

    Besides, her struggle has been visible before as another viral video from the weekend showed Taylor trying to keep on her ‘Midnights‘ era fuzzy jacket, clearly struggling as she froze while performing ‘Lavender Haze’.

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    Taylor Swift’s Fans Have Mixed Reactions To Her Supposedly “Gross” Ways Of Dealing With Cold

    Taylor Swift at the 'Eras Tour'
    Taylor Swift at the ‘Eras Tour’

    Despite the gross-out factor, many fans defended Taylor Swift, asserting that she is only human and such incidents are normal. Many also commended her dedication and professionalism for powering through her concerts despite the cold weather, as many attendees confirmed that the weekend was indeed very chilly.

    However, some others were clearly grossed out and slammed the pop sensation for the incident, asserting that she may have opted for other hygienic measures to take care of her cold.

    The temperatures in Europe, however, have been hitting the masses severely with reports of sickness spreading among concertgoers. According to El Nacional, thousands of fans reportedly contracted COVID-19 following Taylor’s shows in Madrid and Paris.

    As Taylor prepares for her next performance at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool, England, fans hope she will be cured of her cold and avoid further embarrassment. Because, despite it all, Swifties love their icon and all her flaws!

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