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    What Caused Friction Between ‘Best Of Friends’ Will Smith And Tom Cruise?

    In his Netflix documentary ‘Beckham’, the football legend David Beckham recounted how Tom Cruise and Will Smith had thrown him a star-studded welcome party. The two names Tom Cruise and Will Smith had often come together as they had once been best of friends. In spite of the usual Hollywood competition and ego, the two had a good friendship.

    The pair had kept a very good relationship for over years especially when they were top players of their careers. But over the recent past, the two have had a very strained relationship. It seems like Will Smith has tried to reconnect with the ‘Rain Man’ actor but he hasn’t even responded to the messages.

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    Will Smith’s Tainted Reputation After The Oscar

    Tom Cruise and Will Smith
    Tom Cruise and Will Smith

    One reason for Tom Cruise to avoid Will Smith can be his inappropriate behavior at the Oscars 2022. He had slapped Chris Rock after the host made fun of Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

    Though the ‘King Richard’ actor apologized to Chris Rock, the actor has yet not revived his reputation or career fully. According to RadarOnline, it is this controversy that has changed Tom Cruise’s attitude towards Will Smith. 

    Another reason can be that Tom Cruise is living a more peaceful life outside the dramas of Hollywood. Maybe he wants to continue the same way, unlike getting involved in Will Smith’s controversy.

    Currently, he is finding his solace in the United Kingdom. And these days, the actors don’t cross paths much when compared to back in the 1990s. Thus the two stars now have a strained relationship. 

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    Will Smith Did Reach Out To Tom Cruise

    Will Smith and Tom Cruise
    Will Smith and Tom Cruise

    It’s not like Will Smith had not tried to connect with his old friend, Tom Cruise. Sources have reported that the ‘Bad Boys‘ actor tried to mend his friendship with Cruise. Because a collaboration with the ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ star can really help Smith get back on his movie career. But Cruise is avoiding the Academy-winning actor like plague. He didn’t even respond even when the ‘Emancipation’ actor offered to fly to London and then meet up. 

    ‘Hancock’ actor had once shared with Newsweek, how Tom Cruise helped him in his career. “Tom is one of the most open, honest, and helpful people I’ve met in Hollywood, or really anywhere. I mean, how many people in his position would want me to win, want me to be a bigger and better movie star,” the ‘I Am Legend’ actor shared back in 2008. Will Smith had pointed out Cruise’s selfless attitude, wanting Will Smith to win. Hope that the friends will find what they lost over the course of years. 

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