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    “When You Are Both In Same Industry…”: ‘Planet Pete’ Columnist Pete Andre Weighs In On Why Taylor Swift And Matty Healy Broke Up

    Taylor Swift is a force to be reckoned with currently in the pop industry! The ‘Eras Tour’ across North America has been successful so far. It has raised its stature as a performance, and it has also boosted the net worth of the actress. Many things unfolded during the latest tour for Swifties and the songstress. Taylor announced the re-recording of ‘Speak Now,’ and the ‘folklore’ singer also released the Deluxe Edition of ‘Midnights.’

    However, everything was not positive for Taylor Swift! During the ‘Eras Tour,’ the artist experienced heartbreak not once but twice. She broke up six years of relationship with Joe Alwyn. After Joe, she started dating Matty Healy, but the relationship did not survive for even two months. Now, celebrity columnist and musician Peter Andre has chimed in on the breakup of Taylor and Matty.

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    Peter Andre Thinks That Taylor Swift And Matty Healy Broke Up Due To Their Profession

    Peter Andre cited professional reasons for Taylor Swift and Matty Healy's breakup
    Peter Andre cited professional reasons for Taylor Swift and Matty Healy’s breakup

    It is another heartbreak for Taylor Swift after splitting from Joe Alwyn! The artist swiftly moved on from the breakup and started dating ‘The 1975’ crooner Matty Healy. They met through their common friend and fellow musician, Jack Antonoff. Swifties spotted Matty during several ‘Eras Tour’ concerts. But the romance did not last for long, and the two called it quits on their relationship. People said that the relationship was casual.

    Now, ‘Planet Pete’ columnist Pete Andre has opined on why Taylor Swift and Matty Healy broke up. In his latest column, Pete writes about the split. He writes, “I guess it’s hard for them to be in a relationship in the spotlight. Sometimes they work, and other times they don’t. When you’ve got two high-profile singers like that, it can be amazing or it can collide and not work at all, because they’re both so busy.”

    Andre continued, “Plus, it’s hard to know if people even got the time to be with each other. When you’re both in the same industry doing the same thing, it can sometimes be a blessing or a curse.”

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    Joe Alwyn Is Reportedly Upset With The Artist For Giving Him Treatment Like Harry Styles

    Joe Alwyn is pissed at getting Harry Styles treatment from Taylor Swift
    Joe Alwyn is pissed at getting Harry Styles treatment from Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift and Harry Styles became a power couple in 2012. The two met each other during an awards show, and later they confirmed the dating rumors after getting spotted at Central Park in New York. However, the two called it quits in 2013, and Harry started dating Kendall Jenner. But Taylor released music with lyrics hinting at the relationship between her and the Grammy-winning artist.

    Now, Joe Alwyn is agitated that he is also getting the same treatment. Recently, during the New Jersey concert, she released a song titled ‘You’re Losing Me,’ in which she talks about their relationship. A source informed RadarOnline that Joe is not happy with it. The source said, “It may have been delusional, but Joe was under the impression she’d spare him the Harry Styles treatment. Joe finds it very embarrassing and disappointing, especially when she’s flaunting this tacky new romance.”

    The source continued, “The hypocrisy and sheer rudeness of it all are off the charts. He’s not the type to kiss and tell, but he’s not a pushover either. He’s respectfully asking her to let him move on—and shut up!”

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