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    Who Is Armie Hammer’s Ex-Wife Elizabeth Chambers?

    Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers finally got their divorce after three long years. This Hollywood celebrity couple has gone through a lot and announced their separation back in 2020. Hammer also got involved in court cases against him for sexual abuse. 

    However, the couple has finally completed their divorce. And today we will take a look at the ‘Death on the Nile‘ star’s wife Elizabeth Chambers. Chambers herself is a pretty known face in the industry. So let’s take a look at her life and career.

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    Who Is Elizabeth Chambers?

    Elizabeth Chambers
    Elizabeth Chambers

    American television personality, Elizabeth Chambers is also the founder of the BIRD Bakery retail chain. You might have seen Elizabeth on several television series. She has done shows like ‘Criminal Mind’, ‘Shark’, ‘The Kitchen’ and ‘Sugar Showdown‘. 

    Chambers also appeared in the 2007 movie ‘The Game Plan’. Chambers is a talented cook apart from her acting skills. She has appeared on The Cooking Channel, Today, and The Food Network. Her career, however, started as a news correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, E! News Now and Access Hollywood.

    Elizabeth Chambers also appeared as a judge on Food Network’s ‘Best Baker in America‘. She is also an entrepreneur. In 2020, Chambers launched a face mask-making company for children, Vision Visors. 

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    What Happened Between Armie Hammer And Elizabeth Chambers?

    Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer
    Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer

    The couple got married back in 2010. Armie and Elizabeth have two children together. However, their marital bliss did not last forever. Elizabeth Chambers told Elle Magazine, “My heart was broken in nine million pieces, and I still drove him to the airport.” She added, “Marriage is always going to be difficult, and, as with any relationship, you go through a process. Especially if you throw success and fame into the mix; it just becomes more magnified.” 

    Trouble began to brew when Armie Hammer faced disturbing allegations that he had perpetrated violent abuse on women. However, Hammer denied the allegations. Chambers looked back on their crumbling marriage and said that it was during quarantine that their marriage really fell apart. 

    The couple quarantined in the Cayman Islands with their kids, Armie’s father and stepmother. But Elizabeth describes Armie as ‘the worst‘ during this time. Hammer later said that the time was very complicated. He described the situation as intense with big personalities all locked in a little tiny place. The couple finalized their divorce after three years. They came to a settlement regarding their property, kids and other stuff. 

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