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    Who Is Gina Rodriguez’s Husband Joe LoCicero?

    Fans of ‘Jane the Virgin‘ are still shipping Gina Rodriguez with her co-stars Justin Baldoni and Brett Dier. Although in the series Jane ends up marrying Rafael, the fans are still fighting over the fact Jane should have ended up with Micheal. But sadly for the fans, that ship had sailed, although Gina Rodriguez did meet her husband on the sets of ‘Jane the Virgin‘.

    In 2016, Gina met Joe LoCicer, when he appeared as Don Quixote – a stripper on an episode of the show. After dating for two years, the couple got engaged in 2018. Later in 2019, Rodriguez and LoCicero finally got married, but the actress admitted that they came close to eloping a few months prior to the wedding.

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    All About Joe LoCicero

    Joe LoCicero

    Just like his wife, Joe LoCicero is also an actor along with being a writer. He appeared in numerous films and TV shows, including ‘Jane the Virgin’, ‘Someone Great’, and ‘Miss Bala’ – all three of which also featured his wife. Joe also spent two years playing Vincent Walker on the soap opera ‘The Bold and Beautiful’.

    Along with his successful career in the entertainment sector, Joe is also a Muay Thai fighter. In 2018, he became the new WCK Middleweight California Amateur Muay Thai Champion. The couple first met on the sets of ‘Jane the Virgin’ and reconnected again six months later at a gym. While talking with Bust Magazine, Gina Rodriguez said, “On the fourth day that we saw each other at the gym], he asked me out, and I have been dating him ever since. Now I know what it means to date your best friend.” Now, the couple has welcomed their first child together, after three years of marriage.

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    Gina Rodriguez And Joe LoCicero’s Life Together

    Joe LoCicero and Gina Rodriguez

    In July 2022, ‘Jane the Virgin’ actress revealed that she and her husband Joe LoCicero were expecting their first baby after three years of their marriage. Gina Rodriguez announced the news on her birthday through an Instagram post captioned, “This Birthday hits different“. And on March 19, 2023, the couple became the proud parents of a baby boy. On April 6, Rodriguez revealed the name of her baby boy – Charlie through a string of adorable Instagram posts.

    During an interview with PEOPLE in August, Gina Rodriguez shared her pregnancy journey. She said, “I’m very excited and overwhelmed and feel like a superwoman, I feel like every day is bizarre and different, and I have so much appreciation for every human being that has brought a child onto this planet. Anytime I see somebody with a child, I’m like, ‘Congratulations, you’re a superhero.”

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