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    Why Did Ana De Armas And Ben Affleck Break Up?

    Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are two big names in the movie industry. The two have had a great year both in their personal and professional life. With de Armas acting as the iconic Marilyn Monroe in ‘Blonde’ and with Netflix’s ‘The Gray Man’ coming up, the actress has been doing well on the career front. 

    On the contrary, the Batman actor with his wife Jennifer Lopez is having a great time. They have refurbished their home to accommodate both their kids and take their family life to a new level. de Armas and Affleck did have great chemistry. And they ended their relationship amicably in 2021. But what really happened between the actors that put an end to their year-long romance?

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    All About Ana De Armas And Ben Affleck’s Relationship

    Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas
    Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas

    The couple had started dating back in 2020. The Blonde’ actress and ‘Gone Girl’ actor had been working together the previous year on the psychological thriller film ‘Deep Water’. The duo was seen together in Cuba in March 2020 which sparked dating rumors. It was Us Weekly that reported that the pair had started dating officially. The couple’s relationship was very public. 

    They had been together, isolated throughout the period of the coronavirus pandemic. But de Armas and Ben Affleck were always seen in public during those days. They were out either walking their dog, or they would go on PDA-filled strolls. However, the two actors were so much in love all through their time together.

    The Cuban actress had also spent time together with Affleck’s kid and also met his mother. In September 2020, the ‘Knives Out‘ actress also accompanied Affleck to Ireland for a film shoot. 

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    How Did The Whirlwind Romance Come To An End? 

    Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas
    Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas

    It was in January 2021, that the 31-year-old actress confirmed that she had decided to end things with her ‘Deep Water‘ co-star. Initially, the reason stated was that Ana de Armas wanted to move from LA while Ben wanted to be near his children who were with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. 

    She talked about the disturbing media and paparazzi attention that she received while in LA. “It became a little bit too much. There’s no escape. There’s no way out,‘The Gray Man’ actress shared with Elle in August 2022.

    That’s one of the reasons why I left L.A. … It’s always the feeling of something that you don’t have, something missing. It’s a city that keeps you anxious,” the actress added. Ana de Armas is currently dating Paul Boukadakis

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