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    Why Did Fans Flee Wiz Khalifa Concert In Indianapolis?

    Music concerts in the US have been disturbed over the summer by false reports of mass shootings. Massive chaos erupted at the Wiz Khalifa and Logic’s concert on Friday, in suburban Indianapolis, after there were false reports of mass shootings on the premise. This caused the audience to leave the venue, urging them to flee home or to the nearby open fields.

    The authorities had the situation hastily in control. They reported, “Security staff responded quickly, and all the subjects nearby began exiting the area on foot. The emergency action plan was initiated and followed, and all gates including non-public exits were opened.” Even with the right precautions, there were a few hospitalized with minor injuries.

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    Chaos Erupts At Wiz Khalifa And Logic’s Concert

    Wiz Khalifa

    The rappers, Wiz Khalifa, and Logic had to wrap their performance, 45 minutes into the show. They were performing as a part of their ongoing headlining joint Vinyl Verse Summer Tour in Indianapolis. Fans rushed out of the Ruoff Music Center, Noblesville on Friday night at about 10:30 PM, after the rumor spread about a potential mass shooting in the premise. The members of the audience were much confused with the happenings around them. The majority of them fled through the main gates while the others took to the closed gates and barbed fences to make their way out. The reporters and the fans who attended the show expressed their concerns through various social media platforms. The fans, through Twitter posts, had shared that they had not heard any gunshots.

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    Third False Shooting Alarm

    Wiz Khalifa in concert

    This is not the first time that false reports on shooting scores have caused chaos at music concerts. This is the third time over the summer in the United States. At the Lovers and Friends music festival in Las Vegas, there were fake reports of security incidents that led hundreds of fans to exit the venue. It was reported that three were injured in the chaos. This was in May.

    Earlier in August, a Lollapalooza security guard was charged with making false terrorist threats by sending two fake mass shooting messages to her supervisor so as to leave work early. With false reports in the circuit, it would be better for administrations to tighten their supervision.

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