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Why Lizzo Playing The 200-Year-Old Flute Of This Iconic Figure Sparked A Twitter Debate

Many artists are ‘good as hell,’ but there’s no one like Lizzo! The Grrls‘ singer created history at the Washington, D.C. show of her ‘Special’ album tour by playing a 200-year-old flute. What’s so intriguing about it?

The origin story of this special feat is when the Library Of Congress tweeted about the variety of flutes that it possesses. In a tweet, Carla Hayden, the curator, requested that “We would love for you to come see it [the flutes] and even play a couple when you are in DC next week.” She ended the tweet with a reference hinting that the flutes are “Good as hell.” However, one of the flutes belonged to one of the important figures in American history. So, whose flute did Lizzo play at the concert?

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Lizzo Played The Crystal Flute Of James Madison

Lizzo performing with the crystal flute
Lizzo performing with the crystal flute

The artist created history in the national capital! The Grammy and Emmy-winning artist pulled out her signature flutist move recently. The YITTY owner was at the receiving end of honor when the Library of Congress asked her to play the flutes from her collection. The curator also invited her to play one of the flutes at her concert at the Capital One Arena. One of the flutes was a James Madison-possessed crystal from 1813. In no time, Lizzo confirmed and insisted on playing the crystal one.

Before her concert, the archival library invited her to practice and play some of the flutes in the collection. On D-Day, the security personnel and Carla escorted the flute safely to Lizzo during her concert. Lizzo handled the precious piece of history and quipped, “It’s crystal, it’s like playing out of a wine glass b***h so be patient.” She adjusted to the woodwind instrument and played it.

After her flute performance, she said, “I just twerked and played James Madison’s flute from the 1800s!” In her social media post, she shared the moment with fans and expressed that she will never get over this moment.

The Crystal Flute Had A Turbulent Journey

James Madison's flute
James Madison’s flute

The flute was never played before as per the curator until Lizzo did! A Parisian mechanic Claude Laurent devised this ‘flute en crustal’ in 1806. However, after Madison’s second inauguration, Claude made an intricate and customized piece for the “father of the constitution.” The flute survived the 1812 war when the British burned the whole capital. The then First Lady Dolley Madison rescued the flute along with the George Washington portrait.

After that, Dolley’s son from her first marriage, John Payne Todd, received the flute. He passed on it to Dr. Cornelius Boyle. The Boyle family decided to honor the artifact and exhibit it at the US National Museum. Later, a physician Dayton C. Miller, a flute enthusiast, possessed the flute, and he donated it to the Library of Congress, where it is maintained.

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Lizzo Playing The Crystal Flute Received Mixed Reactions On The Twitter

Lizzo played the crystal flute that belonged to James Madison. This was a moment of history for the artist. She was overjoyed to play it and let everyone know what it sounds like. After the performance, the archival library of the Congress took a DNA test, and the test proved “It’s 100% that [crystal] flute.” However, since the announcement and till the performance Twitterati had a mixed reaction to the singer’s feat.

However, the singer was inundated with praise as well.

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