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    DC Reveals The Biggest Culture Shock Wonder Woman Faces Every Year Living In ‘Man’s World’

    Wonder Woman has fought and defeated gods and monsters alike, but there’s one earthly tradition she just can’t wrap her lasso around — Valentine’s Day. Though she has had her fair share of romantic experiences in the DC universe, the iconic superheroine is revealed to be weary of the day the world has chosen to celebrate love.

    As DC fans are well aware, Wonder Woman is not native to Earth. She comes from the Amazon realm of Themyscira. The superhero is therefore quite unfamiliar with the ways of mankind. But she has happily adapted to the numerous culture shocks she faced in “Man’s World”. However, the Valentine’s Day tradition is seemingly beyond her understanding and acceptance.

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    DC Reveals Why Wonder Woman Hates Valentine’s Day

    Wonder Woman (Image: DC Comics)
    Wonder Woman (Image: DC Comics)

    In the latest DC Valentine’s special, How to Lose a Guy Gardner in 10 Days #1′, Wonder Woman takes center stage in a rom-com tale that eventually gets the focus shifted on her struggle with the quirks of the day. The story titled ‘Say Yes to the Mess‘ by Brendan Hay and Maria Laura Sanapo delves into the chaos that Wonder Woman faces on a typical Valentine’s Day.

    Though the superheroine has spent decades in man’s world, she still seemingly grapples with what she considers the most challenging human tradition – Valentine’s Day. The narrative of the story begins with our superheroine responding to crimes, crises, and chaos caused in the name of love on Valentine’s Day.

    As she gets into action to save the people in crisis, she reflects on her past experiences of Valentine’s Day. She remembers her first experience when she mistook the festivities for an attack by the goddess Eros on humanity. It took her a moment to realize it was just man-made madness.

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    Wonder Woman Always Clears Up The Mess Valentine’s Day Leaves Behind On Earth

    Wonder Woman (Image: Getty)
    Wonder Woman (Image: Getty)

    Now, every Valentine’s Day proves to be a test for Wonder Woman, as she becomes the focal point of others’ unwanted affections. Dozens of admirers, both heroes and villains alike, attempt to woo her with absurd and often unlawful gestures.

    These misguided efforts not only fail to win her heart but also lead to law-breaking, property damage, and even threat to other people’s lives. In the end, she is left behind to clear the mess that these wannabe suitors. 

    While the story mainly offers a comedic take on the lady superhero’s experiences, it also sparks curiosity about her opinions on other holidays and cultural traditions. The DC universe has so far explored many of Diana’s encounters with several aspects of human culture, Valentine’s Day seemingly being her least favorite one.

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