Presence Vs One Above All: Who Is More Powerful Among Marvel And DC’s Most Powerful Beings?

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Marvel and DC, both have cosmic entities whose powers go way beyond that one could ever imagine. Both have hierarchies within their universes and one superhero would beat the other in a death battle. For Marvel Comics, it’s The One Above All, while in DC Comics, that entity is known as The Presence.

Both these entities currently hold the highest position in the power hierarchy. So, if The One Above All and The Presence ever engaged in a battle who is most likely to win? Let’s compare their origin and power and find out.

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Origin And Powers Of Presence And One Above All

The One Above All is basically Marvel’s God. He/it is the first thing that existed. He exists outside of existence, creation, or the omniverse. You must have read about The Living Tribunal. Yes, the three-faced all-powerful entity. Well, he is merely the creation of him. He is everywhere and nowhere. The level of existence is completely beyond and outside of the Marvel Omniverse.

On the other hand, DC’s The Presence can hold the entire existence in his hands. The Presence was created by forces “external” to himself. But we have to agree on the fact that they are both described as omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. They have no boundaries and limits to their powers.

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Who Will Win In A Battle?

We have to acknowledge the fact that The Presence was created, whereas The One Above All is the creation. But if you compare the two entities the list is almost never-ending because neither one of them would lose. Both of them get defeated by other characters at one point or the other. One Above All was defeated by Thanos in The Infinity Conflict storyline. The Presence was defeated by Gabriel at one point and Lucifer at another.

However, the only reason why it happened is that both of them wanted it to. This just tells us that everything is under their control. But if there was a death battle One Above All might have a slight edge over Presence. Despite both of them having quite similar and indomitable powers, the former is the ultimate creator whereas The Presence is a creation. Still, this is just a theory and tables might turn if the fight actually happened.

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