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    Who Is Jon Kent In DC? Can He Be Another Superman In DCU?

    Jon Kent is a fictional character in the DC Universe and the possible next contender as Superman. He is the son of Superman Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Kent’s character was created by Dan Jurgens.

    Jon Kent first appeared in ‘Convergence: Superman#2‘ and is the newest character to portray the persona of a superhero. 

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    Who Is Jon Kent?

    Jon Kent is the son of the Original Superman, Clark Kent and Lois Lane. As mentioned in the DC Comics Universe, he has inherited powers from his father and is not a normal human. He was known as Superboy during his early years but he can be the next Superman, as he has become fully grown now.

    Jon is the living product of two worlds, half Kryptonian and half human. As the son of the world’s best superhero, and the best investigative journalist, he has a lot of responsibilities on him. However, it is mentioned in DC’s official site that he has found a group of fellow superhuman friends.

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    Is He The Next Superhero In DCU?

    DCEU will have a reboot with James Gunn and Peter Safran. The new cinematic universe will make some hard choices in terms of which characters to bring onto the big screen. However, Gunn and Safran have confirmed that Superman would be a priority for them.

    With Henry Cavill’s departure from his role as Superman, speculations about the next superhero are heavily onboard among fans. And Jonathan “Jon” Kent is presumably the next best potential for filling in the shoes of his father.

    Introducing Jon as the next Superman would also be a definitive decision for the DCU. And as per the announcements of first slate of DCU, new superman movie is called ‘Superman: Legacy’, which might be a strong hint to Jon’s entry in new DC era.

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