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    Is Snow White No Longer A Part Of Disney Land? Here’s The Truth Behind The Beloved Princess’s Rumored Firing

    For millions across the world, Disney Princesses have been an important part of their childhoods. Snow White is perhaps one of the most primitive Disney princesses that everyone was introduced to early in their childhoods. Apart from seeing her on screens, visitors at Disney Land are also enchanted by her presence and welcome.

    That is perhaps why many fans were shocked to the core when reports suggested that Snow White’s character has been fired from Disney and its parks. However, the matter is not what the headlines around it may have suggested. It pertains to the firing of a former Disney cast member who played Snow White at Disney Park. Here’s what happened.

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    What Did The Rumor Of Snow White Getting Fired Stem From?

    Snow White
    Snow White

    In a detailed YouTube video released recently, a former cast member at Disney Land, Sophia Dottir, claimed that Disney fired her for portraying herself as Snow White in her social media posts. Dottir claimed she was fired after an “investigation for breaking character integrity online“. The revelation stirred controversy with people assuming that Snow White is being removed from the Disney franchise, but that is not the case.

    For all the cast members who work at Disney parks, it is paramount to maintain the magic of their Disney characters. The production company has strict guidelines prohibiting them from disclosing their character identities. They are instead expected to refer to themselves as a “friend of Tinkerbell” as per a long-standing tradition.

    Dottit seemingly broke the rules as her Instagram features several videos of herself dressed as Snow White interacting with the visitors at Disney Land. In the YouTube video also, she shows her viewers a photo of her childhood self dressed as the Disney Princess posted on social media, followed by two pictures of an adult Snow White interacting with people. The post is captioned “Some things are simply meant to be“.

    However, she denies that the post implies anything about her being the Snow White. She asserts that there’s just one Snow White, stating, “I’m Sophia, so how can I be Snow White?”

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    Snow White
    Snow White

    As per the alleged termination process described by Dottir, she was first summoned for a meeting with company officials, during which her company ID was confiscated. She says she was then escorted off the premises, and she was sure by that point that she would be laid off.

    However, she claims Disney officially terminated her three days later, without further discussion of the other similar videos on her social media. In the video, she further alleges inconsistencies in Disney’s handling of similar cases, suggesting that other cast members who have done similar things have faced no repercussions.

    So many people do what I did. So why was I the one to get fired for it? I have proof. Because of course after that, naturally I scoured social media and I screenshotted every example of it that I could find,” she says in the video.

    As the drama continues, Disney has refused to comment on the matter. Meanwhile, fans can be reassured that there is no indication that Snow White’s association with Disney and its presence as a character has not been affected by the alleged firing.

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