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    “Breathtaking”: Twitter Reacts To ‘The Rings Of Power’ Premiere On Prime Video

    The most anticipated prequel to J.R.R. Tolkien’s series, ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ has surmounted a deep expectation upon the most loyal fandom of the series. The series trailer has given the most amazing spectacle, a diverse cast of characters, and the most gripping drama.

    J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay developed the series. ‘The Rings of Power’ tells the story of Middle Earth’s Second Age that is set thousands of years before the War of the Rings. The 1 billion dollar series produced by Amazon Studios is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Twitter is flooded with reactions after watching the first two episodes of the series.

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    Twitter Reaction To The Rings Of Power Series

    The Rings Of Power
    The Rings Of Power

    Twitter has some mixed reactions from viewers. Some fans are very stern about being devoted to the original story of Tolkien. However, other Tolkien lovers fully give their support to the changes. No matter what their reactions are, it’s pretty much notable that fans are enjoying their favourite series. The tweets the fans let out are just amazing and entertaining as the show is.

    One Twitter user has made a meme on Galadriel’s character. It is supposed that her fellow people have given up on her to help fight in the battle. The meme envisions Galadriel scornfully thinking about her comrades. The meme reads, “Galadriel when her military unit quit on her” and then goes on to portray Galadriel’s hypothetical thought in the meme, “It smell like bitches in here.”

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    Did The Series Live Up To The Expectations?The Rings of Power

    ‘The Rings Of Power’ gained surreal anticipation amongst the fans since the announcement of its trailer. Some fans were really worried that their high expectations might make the series fall low to their likes. However, Twitter has been flooding with just pictures of scenes from the series. These pictures itself says much about the series rather than words.

    If there is a need to express their awe for the series, one Twitter user has rightly captioned it. His tweet had some pictures of the series, and it read “Breathtaking”. The visuals, the series has delivered some say are beyond their expectations. Another user tweeted, “Perfection”. One user in particular has commented that he was feeling blessed to see a black man represented in his favourite series. He also added that his heart smiled every time when he watched that series. What’s more than this to add? Go and grab a cup of your favourite drink, popcorn and watch the spectacular ‘The Rings Of Power’ series available on Amazon Prime Video.

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