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    Disney CEO Bob Iger Receives Backlash For Making 400 Times More Than An Average Disney Worker

    Bob Iger has been going through a lot after a few of the Disney projects failed to make a mark at the box office. Despite all these issues, he is earning a huge sum of money which has now grabbed the attention of many.

    Iger’s salary is being questioned by many people specifically because of the ongoing WGA strike and SAG-AFTRA strike. The strikes are happening against the major production studios including Disney and this is one of the primary reasons that actor Sean Gunn has criticized Iger.

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    Sean Gunn Addresses The Salary Of Bob Iger

    Bob Iger
    Sean Gunn said that Bob Iger should be ashamed of himself

    Bob Iger is the head of Disney and considering that, he surely earns a lot. However, ‘Gilmore Girls‘ actor Sean Gunn has addressed the same highlighting the difference in his salary and his lowest-paid worker’s salary. The demand in both WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes are the same which is better pay and job security.

    Sean said that CEOs like Bob earned 30 times more during the ’80s compared to what the lowest worker is now earning. He questioned the fact that Bob is earning 400 times more than his lowest worker which is a shame.

    Sean further stated: “Maybe you should take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘Why is that?’ and not only why is that, is it okay? Is it morally okay? Is it ethically okay that you make much more than your lowest worker?”

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    Bob Iger Is Planning To Reorganize Disney

    Bob Iger
    Bob Iger is planning a few things for the future of Disney

    Back in June 2023, Bob Iger planned to reorganize Disney’s Media & Entertainment Distribution division, which is in charge of the company’s content and distribution. He will be changing the organizational structure to offer budget powers to the people who choose creative projects.

    The last few projects of Disney have failed to receive a positive response at the box office. The company’s shares have also fallen by 40%. Release dates for the majority of the projects have been postponed to 2024.

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