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    From Quill And Bucky To Thanos And Loki, Parents Are Giving These Disney Character Names To Their Children

    Pop Culture has made people do some crazy stuff. One of the crazier things pop-culture fanatic parents do is name their children after their favorite Movie or TV show character. It was very common during Star Wars hype when twins were named Luke and Leia. Now, it has shifted to names like Khaleesi or Sansa and popular Disney characters.

    During the 2000s, most babies had names like Edward, Hermione, and Bella. Now, this trend is succeeded by Disney names. It was noted in a study published by that parents are keeping names after not the most famous heroes from Marvel, instead, they choose the name of the villain. YES! A staggering survey shows that a lot of baby names are ‘Thanos’. Scroll on to find out which Disney character names are popular amongst parents to keep for their babies.

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    What Are Some Of The Most Famous Disney Names?

    Thanos from Infinity war
    Thanos from Infinity war

    The most popular name in the study was Quill. This name was the last name of Chris Pratt’s character from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Professional wrestlers Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae are well known for their craze for superheroes. They both named their baby Quill, in honor of the Star-Lord.

    When they announced this on Instagram, the whole comments section was filled with other new parents sharing that they also named their babies Quill. It is understandable why parents want to name their child after a lovable hero they adore in the films. However, it is still not fathomable why parents named their babies after a supervillain from the Marvel Universe, Thanos.

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    What Other Popular Names Parents Have Kept To Their Babies?

    U.S. Social Security Administration data released data on baby names and it was noted that there was an uptick in names from Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character names from MCU were named for children born in 2020. Even villain names such as Loki, Valkyrie, and Thanos were named to children. Marvel-inspired names are more popular from 2020.

    Huffington Post reported that US Social Security Administration data has numbers on similar names that are kept to more than 5 children. According to the data, 135 children were named after Loki, while 128 children were named after Valkyrie, and 18 children were named after the supervillain Thanos. Other popular Marvel characters having children named after them includes 9 children named Bucky, and 47 named Quill, inspired by the Winter Soldier and Star-Lord respectively. This data shows how much impact Disney and Marvel have on people. Being grown up with superheroes and villains for 13 plus years, it is only natural that parents feel a deep connection to certain characters.

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