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    How Are Oppenheimer And Einstein Related?

    Oppenheimer‘ is about to be released and fans just cannot keep calm. The Christopher Nolan movie is based on the detonation of the first atomic bomb. The movie also takes a close look at J. Robert Oppenheimer.

    The trailer gives us a sneak peek of the characters and we can expect an explosive movie. However, the trailer also shows Tom Conti as Albert Einstein. So what role did Einstein play in the success of the Manhattan Project? That is what we will take a look at right here. 

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    What Role Did Einstein Have In The Manhattan Project?

    Tom Conti as Albert Einstein
    Tom Conti as Albert Einstein

    The most important role in the development of the atomic bomb is undoubtedly of J. Robert Oppenheimer’s. But did the great scientist Albert Einstein have a role in it too? The two prominent theoretical physicists knew each other much later in life but became very close friends and colleagues.  

    However, Einstein was never directly associated with the Manhattan Project. This project was one of the highly classified and top secret projects. And getting access to it was almost impossible. Also because of Einstein’s political choices and German relations, he was not given the clearance to work on the nuclear project. 

    Einstein was also one of the most prominent advocates against the use of nuclear warfare. As a physicist and scientist, he did encourage the research into nuclear power but was very much vocal against the use of such weapons. 

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    How Did Albert Einstein Know Oppenheimer?

    Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer
    Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer

    Einstein and Oppenheimer both are prominent figures in their fields of theoretical physics. The scientists met each other much later in life and became close friends. Oppenheimer first met Einstein on his world-round trip in 1932. Later when Einstein visited Cal-Tech, the two were properly introduced.

    After this encounter, they developed a long bond of friendship. Oppenheimer and Einstein would have long debates on topics of their field. Oppenheimer even lovingly described Einstein as “childlike and profoundly stubborn.” The two scientists are undoubtedly very close friends and colleagues.

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