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    ‘The Rings Of Power’: Tom Bombadil, Most Ignored Tolkien Character From ‘Lord Of The Rings’ All Set To Appear In Season 2

    Tom Bombadil’s character has been left out in most of ‘Lord Of The Rings’. The character has been the most mysterious yet ignored J.R.R. Tolkien character. But ‘The Rings Of Power’ is going to transform this perception of the character.

    Some first-look images from the show give a sneak peek of ‘The Rings Of Power‘ with images of Tom Bombadil portrayed by Rory Kinnear. This is good news for the fans who love the character as he is omitted most of the time.

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    Tom Bombadil To Have A Big Role In ‘The Rings Of Power’

    Tom Bombadil

    Tom Bombadil‘s character is a complex one and hence it was not touched much in the previous series. He used to live in an old forest East of The Shire and during the adventures of ‘Lord Of The Rings’, he used to stay confined in those forests which made his character exclusive in the storyline.

    But now Rings of Power 2is giving opportunity to the character. With the release of Bombadil’s images, Payne explained that he and the people involved in the show are trying to use the character’s love of the natural world in ‘Rings Of Power. They have provided the character with a second home in Rhun, which used to be a place of nature and beauty.

    Sauron’s influence will play a major role in the series. Even though Tom Bombadil is neutral, the Dark Lord presents a threat in his way of existence. Bombadil helped Frodo in ‘The Lord Of Rings‘ and he knew hobbit would preserve the world. Hence, Tom Bombadil’s character is most likely to play an important role in the series.

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    All About Tom Bombadil

    The Rings Of Power

    Tom Bombadil is one of the oldest characters in the middle earth. He was born when life began, which tells his time on earth. He used to live in an old forest and never decided to leave that place. He was also termed as the ‘God’ but those theories were shut down.

    Moreover, he is a mysterious character and not much is known about his origin. His character could be used in a lot of ways but that might create problems as he is an important character from ‘The Lord Of The Rings‘.

    Surely, it could get difficult for the makers of ‘ The Rings Of Power‘ to work with the character. Many adjustments have been made to the timeline of the series, which has received a lot of heat. But fans are eager to see how the character which hasn’t appeared much in the series, is adapted and portrayed.

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