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    ‘The Rings Of Power’: Which Characters Appear On The Show And Not In Tolkien’s Work?

    Amazon’s new TV series The Rings of Power’ is a sequel to ‘Lord of the Rings’ written by J.R.R. Tolkien. Every time an adaptation of Tolkien steps into the world, some groups always spot something wrong with it. These concerned fans often say that Tolkien would not have approved certain characters or the story development.

    There have been several doubts and second decisions to cast actors in Tolkien adaptations because of these aficionados. This includes even Peter Jackon’s ‘The Lord of the Rings‘ movies. When a film or series is made, it is just an adaptation of the book. It might not have to replicate every action that is described in the book. With that settled, let us now move on to just decipher the characters that are created for ‘The Rings Of Power‘, but do not appear in Tolkien’s work.

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    Characters Exclusively Introduced By ‘The Rings Of Power’

    1) Nori Brandyfoot

    Nori Brandyfoot

    Nori Brandyfoot is a Harfoot, who has a taste for adventure. Their clan is the ancestor of the hobbits. There are no detailed descriptions of Harfoots and their lives by Tolkien. They are only mentioned in brief in the prologue to ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’. McKay and Payne have expanded on these brief mentions to imagine what their life would have been like in the Middle-Earth during the Second Age.

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    2) Arondir and Bronwyn

    Arondir and Bronwyn

    The above mentioned characters romantic relationship is created only for the show. The human-elf love stories occupy a large spectrum in Tolkien’s work. Arwen and Aragorn’s love in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is the most prominent example for elf-human love. These stories explore the complexities of a love story between someone who is mortal and one who lives forever. Arondir and Bronwyn’s story will also explore these complexities.

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