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    ‘The Rings Of Power’: Who Are Harfoots? Are They Different From Hobbits?

    The Rings of Power‘ also known as ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerhas resurrected the interest of people who were fans of the film trilogy and or J. R. R Tolkien’s work. The first two episodes dropped recently on Amazon Prime and have been well received. The praise is particularly directed towards the stunning visuals of the show.

    Based on the eponymous novel and Tolkien’s appendices, the show is set in the Second Age of Middle-earth. It has introduced several interesting and fleshed-out characters. One of the races is Harfoots. Let’s find out more about them and whether they are different from hobbits or not.

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    Who Are The Harfoots In ‘The Rings Of Power’?


    Harfoots are one of the three breeds of Hobbits, apart from Stoors and Fallohides. They migrate across Middle-earth regularly when their location is at risk of being discovered.

    The Harfoots were the most common type of hobbit and were first discovered in the lower foothills of the Misty Mountains, in the Vales of Anduin.

    They were also the first to migrate westward into the Arnor. In ‘The Rings of Power’, they are led by Sadoc Burrows, Elanor “Nori” Brandyfoot, and Poppy Proudfellow. According to the books, Harfoots had “browner of skin, smaller and shorter” and they liked “highlands and hillsides” They also had a close relationship with the Dwarves once.

    During the 1300s of the Third Age, Harfoots had reached Bree, which was the westernmost home for hobbits for a long time. Between TA 1150 and TA 1300, they were joined by the Fallohides and some Stoors.

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    Are Harfoots Different From Hobbits?


    Harfoots are the predecessors of the Hobbits of the Shire but are different in other aspects. Unlike Bilbo and Frodo hobbits, the Harfoots are more light-footed.

    They also hide from men all the time. In the Second Age, Harfoots’ interactions with other races of Middle-earth were next to none. This turns them into folklore making others believe that they are dangerous creatures.

    But there are certain similarities between them and the hobbits. Like they live off the land and love fruits like berries. They also prefer to stay out of conflict or wars in Middle-earth.

    The third episode of ‘The Rings of Power‘ is slated to release on September 9. The shooting of its second season will commence in October.

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