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    Top 10 Most Controversial Moments On ‘Family Guy’

    Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Family Guy’ is an American adult animated sitcom. First released in 1999, the series has been under several controversial backlashes ever since. The show is specifically known for its offensive jokes, which include the parodying and mocking of sensitive topics like race, gender, disabilities, violence, etc.

    The show has survived 20 seasons and is still running. Many viewers and critics have questioned its relevance, but the dark humor of the show, somehow, is still thriving. 

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    Top 10 Most Controversial Moments In ‘Family Guy’

    There’s a reason why Fox canceled the show twice. Caught up in countless controversies, here are the top most controversial moments in Family Guy:

    10. JFK PEZ Dispenser

    Top 10 Controversial Moments in Family Guy
    Family Guy Episode: Hero Next Door

    In the episode “A Hero Next Door,” a new child character is seen holding a John F. Kennedy dispenser, which blows up when it is accidentally shot at. The child is only surprised for a brief second and then pulls out a new dispenser from his pocket. The new dispenser has the face of Bobby Kennedy.

    The reference was to one of the greatest tragedies of the United States, when these two men were assassinated in 1963 and 1968, respectively.

    9. 2000-Year-Old Virgin

    Family Guy episode 2000-year-old virgin
    Family Guy episode: 2000-year-old Virgin

    This episode in season 13 of Family Guy received a lot of serious condemnation and criticism from the Christian community. The episode revolves around Peter trying to get Jesus hooked up with a woman as he’s been a virgin for 2000 years now.

    The major criticism that followed was the depiction of Jesus as a womanizer who sleeps with married women once a year by bribing their husbands with gifts. It was a blasphemy committed according to many Christians.

    8. Herbert The Pervert

    Pedophilia in Family Guy
    Herbert The Pervert

    Herbert is an elderly neighbor of the Griffin family. He first appeared in season 3. He is a hebephile and has a paedophilic infatuation with Chris Griffin. He has made several attempts to rape him. However, since he is a feeble-looking old man, his actions and behaviors are not taken seriously.

    7. AIDS Barbershop

    Family Guy jokes about AIDS
    Family Guy Episode: The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire

    The episode titled, ‘The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire’ touched a new low when Peter Griffin, along with a barbershop quartet, sang, danced, and joked about AIDS to an AIDS patient. Peter’s group dances around the ill man’s hospital room, singing, “You got the AIDS.”

    The song is sung hilariously. Many AIDS and HIV institutions, doctors, and groups showed their dismay over the insensitivity of the show to present AIDS as simply a laughing matter.

    6. I Need A Jew

    Wishing Upon a Weinstein landed The Family Guy in Controversy
    The Family Guy Episode: Wishing Upon A Weinstein

    In season 3 episode 22, titled, ‘When You Wish Upon A Weinstein,’ Peter Griffin goes through financial and accounting problems. Wanting a good accountant to rid him of his problems, he starts wishing for a Jew friend.

    The belief that Jews make the best accountants is based on the thrifty Jewish stereotype. Peter starts singing the song, which is a parody of the original song, ‘When You Wish Upon A Star.’ The song’s lyrics were filled with Jew stereotypes and loudly gave an anti-semitic ideology.

    5. Dear Diary…..Jackpot!

    Controversial scenes in The Family Guy
    The Family Guy Episode: Peter Griffin: Husband, Father… Brother?

    The series’ infamous character, Quagmire, happens to create a controversy in every episode that he is in. Most of his dialogues and jokes stem from misogyny, homophobia, and rape culture. His sexual endeavors take him to extreme levels, where the screened scene becomes very uncomfortable and outrageous.

    One of the scenes that appalled the viewers was the climax of ‘Peter Griffin: Husband, Father… Brother?’ when Quagmire opens a bathroom stall and sees a cheerleader gagged and bound. Instead of helping him, he says, “Dear Diary….Jackpot!” This “joke” simply implied that Quagmire will rape the woman. This scene got Family Guy in a huge controversy, and for all the right reasons.

    4. Turban Cowboy

    The Family Guy Episode Turban Cowboy
    The Family Guy Episode: Turban Cowboy

    In the episode, ‘Turban Cowboy,’ Peter Griffin lands himself with a gang of Islamic terrorists to destroy the Quohog bridge. The episode is racist, islamophobic, and quite a dark representation of the middle east. The episode features a dozen jokes against the Muslim community, which are quite problematic.

    In the cutaway gag, the climax of the episode showed Peter driving his car through the Boston Marathon while being targeted by one of the members of the gang. This episode aired just a month before the Boston Marathon bombings, easily making the episode disrespectful to those who lost their lives in the tragic event.

    3. Quagmire’s Dad

    Transphobia in Family Guy
    Family Guy Episode: Quagmire’s Dad

    In the episode titled, ‘Quagmire’s Dad’, Ida, who is Quagmire’s parent, is now transgender. She is made an object of contempt and disgust. Brian sleeps with Ida, but when he finds out that he made out with a transgender, he vomits for 30 seconds straight out of repulsion.

    Lois even throws out the food cooked by Ida. The episode is known for its extreme transphobia. Seth MacFarlane defended the episode by saying it’s one of the most sympathetic portrayals of Trans people. His ignorant defense added more fuel to the fire.

    2. Quagmire’s Run In With The Simpsons

    Glenn Quagmire of Family Guy has done a lot of controversial and offensive things
    Family Guy Episode: Movin’ Out (Brian’s Song)

    This is one of the most horrific moments from The Family Guy, which went too far. In the episode, ‘Movin’ Out (Brian’s Song)’ the Griffins are discussing Brian’s romantic troubles when an ad banner pops on the screen below. It features Marge Simpson waving, when Glenn sprints onto the scene, throws himself onto Marge, and unbuttons his pants. As Marge frees himself of his hold, Glenn follows and in the end pulls out a gun, killing the entire Simpsons family.

    This offensive stunt was pulled off as petty revenge by MacFarlane after The Simpsons poked fun at Family Guy. The ‘revenge’ being rape and murder is really questionable.

    1. Handicap Only Establishment

    The Family Guy insensitive ableist "jokes"
    The Family Guy Episode: No Meals on Wheels

    Joe is a much-loved recurring character in Family Guy. In the episode, ‘No Meals On Wheels,’ Peter opens a new restaurant, which becomes a famous spot. However, with the successful lead, Peter isn’t happy.

    The reason for his unhappiness turns out to be the fact that his restaurant is mostly occupied only by Joe and his friends, who are all wheelchair-bound. Peter states he doesn’t want his restaurant to be a “handicapped-only establishment.”

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