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    Was Serial Killer Charles Cullen Married And Did He Have Any Children?

    The new thriller series of Netflix ‘The Good Nurse‘ depicts the true story of a serial killer nurse named Charles Cullen. Cullen admits to having killed around 40 patients during his 16 years as a nurse in New Jersey. However, some reports have estimated the number to be around 400.

    Cullen admits that he had a very “miserable” childhood with him getting bullied at school. At the age of nine, he had his first of many suicide attempts. Before becoming a nurse, Cullen had joined the United States Navy, where too, he was bullied by his fellow crewman. Did he have a family of his own while carrying on with his crimes?

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    Was Charles Cullen Married?

    According to certain reports, Charles was married to a woman named Adrienne Taub. They had gotten married in June of 1987. But their marriage was short-lived and the couple soon got divorced. Ex-wife Adrienne filed for a divorce against her husband accusing him of “extreme cruelty”. She said that she feared for the safety of their kids.

    The couple had two children, of whom Taub got full custody. After the divorce, she took them and disappeared totally. Taub had mentioned that Cullen often got violent towards their dogs, once even zipping her small dog in a bowling bag and harming it. “I was awakened many nights by the screams of these dogs. Charlie was in the basement ‘training’ and beating them if they did not listen to him,” Adrienne wrote in her complaint.

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    Where Are Charles Cullen’s Children Now?

    Charles Cullen and his ex-wife Adrienne Taub had two daughters during the course of their short-lived marriage. Presently, not much is known about Taub and her daughters, except that the eldest daughter was named Shauna who is probably in her mid-30s now. After Cullen’s crimes came to the spotlight, Adrienne decided to keep her daughters out of the glare of the press.

    The mother of the two told The Morning Call reporters, “You can imagine what we are going through. Leave my family and daughters out of it. We have nothing to say.

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