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    Who Is Namor The Sub-Mariner? How Powerful Is The ‘Black Panther 2’ Villain?

    San Diego Comic-Con 2022 witnessed a bunch of exciting new updates from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One among them was the announcement of ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ wrapping up Marvel’s phase 4. No wonder fans have high hopes for this movie, especially after knowing that one of the first Marvel superheroes, Namor, played by Marco’s Tenoch Huerta, would be appearing in the upcoming masterpiece.

    Namor is the counterpart of DC’s Aquaman in Marvel. Probably that’s the reason why they took the decision of making the live-action version far different than the comic version. Here’s all you need to know about Namor: The Sub-Mariner.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Namor, The Sub-Mariner

    Black Panther 2 Namor
    ‘Black Panther 2’ and Namor concept

    Sometimes hero and sometimes anti-hero, and occasionally outright villain, Namor: the Sub-Mariner is one of the most complicated characters in Marvel comics. Created by Bill Everett, the Sub-Mariner made his official debut in 1939. Well, it didn’t really take time for him to be a fan favorite character – all thanks to his complicated backstory, dramatic eyebrows, and super-short green swim trunks. Namor the Sub-Mariner proudly wears the crown of being the very first original Marvel character. It has been 80-plus years that Namor has been a part of the Marvel universe.

    The half-human and half Atlantean is proud, quick-tempered, and willing to protect his kingdom by hook or by crook. Although Namor, the ruler of Atlantis always stands by the side of his people, calling him a superhero will be an overstatement. His temper and arrogance make him more of an anti-hero who has no qualms about destroying anything that gets in the way of his goals. In his first appearance, he kills two innocent deep divers simply for being in his undersea domain.

    But time has gradually softened his rage. Namor has appeared as an Avenger and one of the X-Men, a founding member of the Defenders, and even fought alongside Captain America in World War II against the threat the Nazis posed to the entire world.

    What Is The Origin Of The Great Character?

    Black Panther And Namor
    Black Panther And Namor

    Namor’s first appearance features him as “an ultra-man of the deep [who] lives on land and in the sea, flies in the air, has the strength of a thousand men.” After a deadly first encounter with humans, the prince’s mother explains his origin history to the readers.

    The pointy-eared prince, Namor, is the son of an Atlantean princess and a human explorer named Leonard McKenzie. It was in the 1920s when their story started in the waters of the South Pole. The captain’s expedition vessel blasted the ice above Atlantis over and over again. It led to the city getting rocked below with explosions. No doubt many Atlanteans lives were lost. Princess Fen joined the humans to act as a spy. But, with time, she fell in love with the captain and married him. Well, Fen was still well aware of her mission.

    Despite considering Captain McKenzie a good man, princess Fen never lost her distrust of humanity. She passed on those beliefs that humans were the only ones responsible for their destructions to Namor, her “Avenging Son.”

    And then, after a golden origin story building up, Stan Lee finally brought him into modern Marvel Comics in 1962’s ‘Fantastic Four‘ #4. Well, it witnessed a lot of diversities of the character. He fell in love with Sue Storm. He also maintained a bitter rivalry with Reed Richards and counted Doctor Doom as an ally. Namor has also found more love interests over the years – a human, an Atlantean, and an alien. He’s teamed up with the Avengers and X-Men, and also with Doctor Doom and a supervillain group called the Cabal.

    Most recently, he battled Amadeus Cho, Silk, and the Agents of Atlas in the ‘Atlantis Attacks’ in retaliation for the capture of an Atlantean creature. “Are you a hero, Namor? Or are you a monster?” Cho asked him in the first issue. “I am a king,” Namor replied. “So I’m both.”

    What Are His Powers?

    Namore the submariner

    Namor is the very first mutant in Marvel’s long publication history. His powers and abilities are quite extraordinary. Let’s start with those iconic wings on his ankles. No! they aren’t a part of his human or Atlantean ancestry. They are a unique mutation that allows him to fly. As he soars out of the water for a surprise attack, Namor shouts a catchphrase, “Imperius Rex!”

    Well! That’s not all! The iconic villain has exciting superhero strength and endurance. His supernatural ability to breathe underwater, converse with sea creatures, and long lifespan makes him a true superhero. Well, his talents don’t end with just superhero activities. Namor also showed his business acumen when he entered the human corporate world for some time.

    Will Marvel comic’s oldest original character turn out to be the newest star on the big screen? Only time will tell.

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