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Captain Anarchy: Meet Captain America’s Gay Variant Who Is Also The Boyfriend Of His Reality Spider-Man

Every famous Marvel character has an alternative version, while some are more popular than others. While the Spider-Verse remains the most popular of all, there are other variants that also deserve attention. Like Spider-Man, Captain America also has various variants and one of the many includes Captain Anarchy.

Surprisingly this variant of Captain America has a deep-rooted connection with the Spider-Man verse.

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Who Is Captain Anarchy?

Captain Anarchy
Captain Anarchy

While Steve Rogers was injected with Super-Solider Serum, Captain Anarchy was injected with Super-Insurgent Serum. Captain Anarchy is not superhuman but has peak human condition, stamina, intellect, and speed. 

Another significant difference between Captain Anarchy and Captain America is their sexual orientation. Also, Captain Anarchy being gay, perfectly fits with Spiderverse’s diverse theme as he dates Spider-Punk.

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How Is Captain Anarchy Connected To The Spider-Verse?

Captain Anarchy and Spider Punk
Captain Anarchy and Spider Punk

Captain Anarchy is a member of Spider-Punk’s Spider-Band, which is an organized unit that was established to fight Ozzy Osborn’s regime. While Spider-Punk planned revenge against Osborn’s fascist rule, Captain Anarchy always remained on the frontline and helped Spider-Punk defeat the regime’s suppression. 

Even though Spider-Man beheaded Osborn during a Spider-Army riot, the Venom Symbiote kept him alive underwater for a month and since then he kept tabs on the Spider-Band. When Osborn struck again Hobie Brown used Spider-Man to behead Osborn using punk rock energy to neutralize the symbiotes and defeated Osborn by decapitating him with his guitar, revealing his real identity to the people. 

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