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Who Is Marvel’s Sandman? What Are His Powers And Weaknesses?

Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man 2’ will see the return of Spider-Man and Miles Morales teaming up against the formidable foe Sandman. Peter Parker has faced off the Sandman multiple times in the past. As a recurring member of the Sinister Six, he is one of Marvel’s most powerful supervillains.

Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man 2’ begins with the introduction of the Sandman. The massive fight not only acclimates the player to the game’s mechanics but also shows the underrated Spider-Man villain.

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Who Is Marvel’s Sandman?

Marvel's Sandman
Marvel’s Sandman

William Baker followed the footsteps of his father, the son of a thief who began committing petty crimes right after high school. After adopting the name Flint Marko, he made an effort to get to know his father. However, it is unclear how and when Flint Marko became Sandman.

In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ issue four, Marko escapes from prison and hides at a nuclear bomb test site while police go after him. The nuclear explosion mutates him and turns Marko into the sand, eventually marking the start of Sandman’s career

What Are Sandman’s Powers In The Comics?

Powers of Sandman
Powers of Sandman

Well, there is no supervillain without powers that challenges the superhero. Because of the nuclear radiation, Flint Marko’s body is composed of sand, as his human body is decimated. As his consciousness inhabits every grain of it, Marko can control every particle of sand. Also, Sandman is functionally immortal, which is one of the side effects of his sand form.

The Sandman has the ability to transform his body. His body can be hardened, compacted, dispersed, and shaped according to his needs.

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Sandman Is Not Immortal When Faced With These Elements

Sandman's weakness
Sandman’s weakness

Every Supervillain is prone to a weakness, that makes him easily vulnerable to being defeated by the hero. It goes without saying that water is one of the most obvious threats to the Sandman. If he gets wet, the sand molecules that comprise his body become too pliable to reform until he dries himself to use his powers again.

As basic as the chemistry goes, sand does not gel well with water or heat. As Marko’s body is made of sand, exposing it to a high temperature will transform the sand particles into glass. 

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