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    Devil Tricks Spider-Man Into Giving Up His Marriage To Save Aunt May And It Goes Horribly Wrong

    Peter Parker is the most relatable character ever created by Marvel. Peter’s choices were almost questioned every time, making everyone believe that he has not grown out of the title of the friendly neighborhood hero – Spider-Man. The teenage superhero is flawed making him one of Marvel’s favorite superheroes.

    You just can’t make a deal with the devil and get away with it. Unfortunately, Spider-Man couldn’t choose between his marriage and Aunt May. And the result was disappointing to the entire fandom.

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    Why Was The Deal With The Devil Made?

    Peter Parker's marriage in jeoprady

    In ‘One More Day‘ written by J. Michael Straczynski and Joe Quesada, Spider-Man finds himself in a life-wrenching situation and the result was painful for Peter Parker as well as the fans. After Spider-Man’s unmaking to the world in Marvel’s Civil War event, Peter Parker traded his marriage to Mary Jane to Mephisto in exchange for his Aunt May’s life. This decision was taken as Peter went through the guilt of Aunty May wrongfully becoming a target of the bullet which was meant for him.

    While Mary Jane made her own deal with Mephisto to wipe the arrangement from Peter Parker’s memory so it wouldn’t torture him. However, this deal was a trick played by Mephisto as he knew Peter Parker is a sucker for survivor’s guilt.

    Although a mortal, Spider-Man is still a hero and the devil would have never succeeded in persuading him to leave innocents at risk. But Peter Parker being a noble human that he is, he would agree to lose things that are his to give and Mephisto was witty to know it. 

    Which Avenger Resisted The Devil’s Deal?

    Thor and the devil

    Written by Kieron Gillen and Doug Braithwaite, Thor issue 612, the Son of Odin is a pickle. Due to the attack on Asgard, the ghosts of the former gods are in danger from Disir. Disir is a cannibalistic monster who feeds on the souls of dead gods. Hence the God of Thunder must keep them safe but no normal weapon can be used on Disir. Which leads Thor to travel to Hell to retrieve Loki’s enchanted blade, Eir-Gram. 

    That’s when Thor encounters Mephisto who welcomes the son of Odin saying neither he stole the sword nor won’t stop Thor from retrieving it – but only on one condition. If Thor will just agree not to intervene in one of his many plans, he’ll give him immediate safe passage to the sword.

    However, this plan was never extensively described and Thor being a God himself turned down the offer. Mephisto tried persuading the Asgardian, “I have plans. Don’t intervene with one. Say yes, and you won’t even have to travel to get the trinket. It’s here, in my court. … Just this one thing, Thor, and you can give Asgard a happy ever after after all the grief and lamenting. Just a little compromise.”

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    Why Was Thor Able To Reject The Devil’s Offer When Spider-Man Couldn’t?

    SpiderMan, Thor and Mephisto

    Every second Thor delays, his brothers and sisters-his family is being devoured, yet he remains stony face until Mephisto replies “No, I didn’t think so”, and drops him into Hell, as far away from Eir-Gram as possible. Maybe if Spider-Man was strong enough to have resisted the Devil’s offer he would have been happy with Mary Jane, however, he chose Aunty May. 

    Maybe Thor was able to resist the offer plainly because of experience. When compared to Spider-Man, Thor has faced many manipulative creatures and the constant one being his brother Loki. But primarily it is the choices given that make both the heroes different.

    Maybe it was Spider-Man’s survivor guilt or Peter’s willingness to lose the things which are his to give. But in the end, neither Thor nor Spider-Man would allow Mephisto to hurt innocent people, but Spider-Man was just a little too generous and innocent to take that hurt on himself.

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