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    “I’m Not Sure What He’s Been Up To And Who With, But…”: Benedict Cumberbatch Opens Up About Returning For ‘Doctor Strange 3’

    Benedict Cumberbatch is famously known for his role in Marvel’s Doctor Strange. He was last seen in the 2022 movie ‘Multiverse of Madness’, a blockbuster hit. The MCU is changing the course of their universe and anything could be expected from the franchise.

    Doctor Strange is the master of Multiverse, which is the main plot of many Marvel movies. Yet he’s uncertain of his future roles in the future movies. He might have a potential role in ‘Avengers 5′ but here’s what the actor has to say himself.

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    Will Doctor Strange Return To The MCU?

    Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange is the kind of character who binds the whole MCU together through his extraordinary superpowers. The character is different from other MCU characters and is more powerful as well. He was last seen in Multiverse of Madness, when he encounters Clea (Charlize Theron), to stop the attack on the dark dimension.

    Later in July 2023 Cumberbatch during an interview with JW3 Speaker Series, mentioned that “some Marvel capers in the making next year”. Moreover, he was asked the most frequent question, which is related to his role in ‘Doctor Strange 3’.

    But the actor is clueless just like the MCU fans. He answered, “We will see. We will find out”. Cumberbatch added, “I’m not sure where he’s been and what he’s been up to and who with, but yeah, I know as little as you.”

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    Benedict Cumberbatch Was Focused On Extensive Re-Shoots During The Filming Of The Movie

    Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange
    Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange

    On a podcast with The Playlist’s Bingeworthy TV, Benedict Cumberbatch revealed that he was careful while doing his job as an actor and focused during the extensive reshoots of the movie. He said, “I was unaware of the articlesyou’re part of a big machine, but you’re just trying to solve the problems on a set like any other job. And, yeah, it’s a massive sand pit to play in with very big and expensive, breakable toys”. 

    He added, “But you can only really do that if you’re loose and free and just doing your work as an actor. So, I kind of knuckled down and did that.”

    The movie faced a lot of hurdles during the shooting and production. The original director Scott Derrickson was replaced by Sam Raimi, which created differences in the script. As the movie was being shot during the pandemic, it was much harder for the crew and the people involved. Still Doctor Strange managed to earn $955 million worldwide.

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