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    Mahershala Ali Envisions ‘Blade’ As His Own ‘Black Panther’, But It’s Stuck In MCU’s Development Phase

    Comic book fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Blade in the MCU since Mahershala Ali‘s surprise voice cameo in the 2019 ‘Eternals post-credits scene. Now, with filming delayed and the script undergoing revisions, whispers are emerging about Ali’s vision for the project.

    According to THR, the Oscar-winning actor sees ‘Blade’ as his own ‘Black Panther‘. He thinks of it as a franchise-defining role that will establish him as a pillar of the MCU for years to come. 

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    Can ‘Blade’ Be The Next ‘Black Panther’?

    Black Panther and Mahershala Ali
    Black Panther and Mahershala Ali

    This ambition shouldn’t come as a surprise. Chadwick Boseman‘s portrayal of T’Challa in Black Panther not only shattered box office records but also resonated deeply with audiences worldwide. It became a cultural phenomenon, proving that superhero movies could be more than just popcorn flicks. 

    Additionally, Ali, known for his thoughtful approach to his craft, likely recognizes the potential for Blade to follow a similar trajectory. However, a lot of people believe that due to the intricacies of ‘Blade’ in himself, he shouldn’t be compared to ‘Black Panther’. People were concerned about how this ambition would reflect on the big screen.

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    Mahershala Ali’s ‘Blade’ Is Stuck In Development Hell

    Mahershala Ali
    Mahershala Ali

    The dream of seeing Mahershala Ali slay vampires on screen as Blade seems to be turning into a nightmare. Fans were buzzing about Ali taking the reins, envisioning a dark, thrilling addition to the MCU. However, months have crawled by with nary a whisper of progress. Scripts are reportedly getting shredded faster than a vampire in sunlight, leaving the future of the film shrouded in mist. 

    This development limbo is causing a domino effect. Actors circling the project like Delroy Lindo and Aaron Pierre are starting to leave the project. Understandably, their schedules can’t be put on hold indefinitely. 

    The whole situation is a major bummer. Ali’s casting was a stroke of genius, and the potential for a Blade film within the MCU is mouth-watering. Here’s hoping the studio can sort out the script issues and get things rolling before the entire cast disappears into the night, leaving Blade with nothing but cobwebs and disappointment for the company.  

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