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    ‘Ms. Marvel’ Directors Open Up About Bloopers From The Show And Urge Studio To Release Deleted Scene

    ‘Ms. Marvel’ has recently wrapped up Kamala Khan’s (Iman Vellani) origin story with its sixth and final episode. All of this wasn’t really easy. After numerous hectic shoots and reshoots, and going through all the criticism, ‘Ms. Marvel’ finally cemented its position in the Phase IV saga.

    The season finale treated the fans with some exciting new developments for the MCU’s newest superhero. But, the fans are much eager to know more about the scenes that didn’t make it to the final cut. The directors of the Disney+ series have some good news for such fans.

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    ‘Ms. Marvel’ Director Adil El Arbi Opens Up About Deleted Scenes

    Ms. Marvel director Adil El Arbi
    Ms. Marvel director Adil El Arbi

    In an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Richard Nebens, directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah shared some of the deleted moments from the show that the fans might go crazy for. According to Adil El Arbi, these ideas had enough potential that he wouldn’t mind pitching them for another Marvel creation.

    Arbi said, “Yeah, there was a lot of visuals. From the pilot, we had all these visual ideas and all that. We wanted to put more of that throughout the show. Some stuff was shot, some stuff was designed. But eventually, we felt we had to focus on the story, and that would sometimes block the flow of the show.”

    He added, “There was one particular shot, I think it was Episode 4 or 5 that was really pretty cool. But I know, because it’s not in the show there, we can still use it in a movie, we will recreate it. It was a nice visual transition between multiple sets and all that, it was pretty cool.”

    “We’re Going To Ask And Plead With Marvel To Put It On YouTube Someday,” Said Bilall Fallah

    Ms. Marvel director Bilall Fallah
    Ms. Marvel director Bilall Fallah

    During the interview, Bilall Phalla, another mastermind who deserves the credit to helm the show, teased some funny bloopers that couldn’t reach the eyes of the fans.

    Phalla said “She comes for the first time in her costume, and she looks at this little kid, and she says, ‘Whoa, you’re Ms. Marvel!’ And then, boom, [Kamala] gets a ball against her head, and she falls, and it’s one of the kids on the basketball courts who throws it. But that shot is really funny, we’re going to ask and plead with Marvel to put it on YouTube someday.”

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