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    The Loki Set Photo Shows A Hero That Marvel Fans Haven’t Heard Of Before

    New Loki Season 2 set photos hint that the show will add an unknown Marvel hero into the MCU. An image from Loki’s Season 2 London set recently revealed a promotional poster for the fake film Phone Ranger.

    An eye-catching new hero is seen on the billboard wearing a helmet shaped like a telephone dial, with the motto “Criminals, he’s got your number.” Phone Ranger is played by “Charles Theobald” in the film made by “Goodman Productions”.

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    Phone Ranger’s Co-Creator Kurt Busiek Confirmed The Easter Egg

    In response to the Easter egg, Phone Ranger co-creator Kurt Busiek confirmed the show’s use of his character. As a co-creator with James Fry, he also referred to the “gleeful” use of Phone Ranger in the Marvel Age Annual.

    No prior information about Phone Ranger’s inclusion in Loki appears to have been revealed by Busiek who simply stated that he “appreciates the effort” in addition to stating that he and Fry would be delighted to get any additional copies of the poster.

    He initially appeared as Phone Ranger in Marvel Age Annual #1 as a telephone repairman who discovered extraterrestrial technology from a little race known as Seltas. To combat crime as a Phone Ranger, he realized that he could utilize the technology to tap into any communication system.

    But the hero’s initial exploits were cut short by the evil Scourge of the Underworld. In Civil War: Front Line #5, Phone Ranger was taken into custody by the likes of Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the NYPD.

    Loki Season 2 May Or May Not Include Movie Poster Characters

    Loki Season 2
    Loki Season 2

    Sylvie, nicknamed Lady Loki, freed the Sacred Timeline from Kang the Conquerer’s dominion in the Season 1 finale of Loki. As it turns out, Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, ended up in a parallel universe where Kang is the absolute ruler.

    Loki Season 2 may or may not include the characters from the movie posters, but the retro 70s vibe shown in the set photographs hints that the forthcoming season of the Disney+ series will explore the Multiverse and numerous time periods.

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