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    Who Created Symbiotes In Marvel? Origin Explained

    Marvel Comics has introduced us to so many characters now and symbiotes are one of them. The reason is that they can bond with humans, giving them more power and this makes the humans more powerful.

    Symbiotes are not from the Earth and they belong to another world due to which they can be considered to be aliens. Today we are going to discuss what symbiotes are and how they originate in the Marvel realm.

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    What Are Symbiotes And Their Origin In The Comics

    There are around 40 symbiotes that have been featured in Marvel Comics

    The symbiotes develop a bond with a human and this leads to the formation of one creature. They can change the personalities of their hosts and can easily influence their desires alongside increasing their physical and emotional qualities. Their bonding can make someone a superhuman and currently, 40 symbiotes exist in the Marvel Universe.

    The first symbiote is Venom which gets linked to Spider-Man in a miniseries called ‘Secret Wars‘. But Spider-Man rejected to find out its true nature and that’s why the symbiote bonds with his enemy Eddie Brock, leading to the birth of Venom. The symbiote has remained as Spider-Man’s main enemy but he has also appeared as an anti-hero occasionally.

    The symbiote bonds with other characters in Marvel comics which includes Mac Gargan, one of the antagonists alongside Flash Thompson, who later becomes popular as Agent Venom. Carnage is another one of the symbiotes and he bonds with Cletus Kasady, becoming an enemy for Spider-Man. He also becomes the rival of Venom and Anti-Venom, which is born following the merging of Brock after being separated for a long time, getting a new look and additional powers resulting from Martin Li using powers to find a cure for his cancer.

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    All The Marvel Adaptations Based On Symbiotes

    Symbiotes have been successfully adapted into films that have been box-office success

    Symbiotes have been successfully adapted into a few commercially successful films in the Marvel Universe. This starts with ‘Spider-Man 3‘ in 2007 which is an American superhero film, inspired by the character Spider-Man of Marvel comics. The movie received a mixed response from critics and audiences and collected $895 million at the box office.

    Venom‘ (2018) is also one of them but did not get a positive response from critics but the movie collected $856.1 million at the box office. Another successful adaptation called ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage‘ was also a box office success and collected $506.9 million but received a mixed response from critics.

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