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    Why Is She-Hulk Considered The Weakest Of All Hulks?

    There is no denying that we all love She-Hulk and her charming, intelligent paralegal personality. But her entering the MCU makes two Hulks on the big screen. And, if we also include the not-yet-introduced on the big screen Hulk, Skaar, we’ve got three Hulks in our lot. That’s certainly a lot of Hulks.

    Even though all Hulks possess extreme superhuman strengths, who is the strongest of them all? Is our new She-Hulk the weakest among them all? Or is she the new benchmark of strength? Let us dive into the theories and facts and find out.

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    What Are The Powers That Possessed By Hulk’s Female Version?

    A still from ‘She-Hulk’

    The New York City attorney has much more on her plate than just solving cases. Ever since the car accident which led to the transfusion of her blood with that of her cousin Bruce Banner, Jennifer is also ‘She-Hulk’. Although she doesn’t like the title given by her fans yet, her new powers are indeed amazing. As She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters has impenetrable skin, massive strength, and immense power.

    While she cannot technically fly, Jen can jump incredibly high, leaping huge distances. She is physically the strongest known woman in the Marvel Universe. In the comics, she’s fought against many of Marvel’s strongest characters including her cousin. But what really gives her the edge is the ability to keep her consciousness when she’s in her Hulk form.

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    Is She-Hulk The Weakest?

    The first episode of the new Marvel studios-produced show She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘ is available to be streamed on Disney+. In the first episode, we witness a fight between Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters at the end. It was sort of a friendly “you annoy me cousin” fight. In the fight, we see She-hulk handling the fight pretty well on her own. In some of the aptitude tests, she even performs better than hulk.

    But, was Hulk giving his best? Fans think probably no. Hulk was not in a state of anger which fuels his performance on the ground. If we keep the fighting scenes aside and look at the abilities like controlling the anger, endurance, and of course, the main Hulk necessity, to control the alter ego, She-Hulk excels at all of these. Even Bruce was shocked to find that Jennifer didn’t have an all-destructive alter ego.

    She-Hulk is defiantly not the weakest and might be the strongest if she unlocks her full potential. Let us wait for the upcoming episodes to clearly decipher the battle between these two Hulks.

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