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    ‘Split’ Ending Explained: What Was The Twist In James McAvoy’s Film?

    Splitis a psychological- thriller film directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan, starring James McAvoy, Betty Buckley, and Anya Taylor-Joy. It is the first solo supervillain original film and a part of Shyamalan’s Unbreakable trilogy. The first film of the trilogy, ‘Unbreakable’, was released in 2000 starring Bruce Willis. Later, in 2019 the last of the trilogy, ‘The Glass‘ dropped in the theaters. Though the film was criticized by mental health advocates, it was a commercial success.

    Kevin Wendell Crumb suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID) due to his rooted abusive childhood and abandonment issues. He develops 24 personalities each distinctive from the other. Throughout the film, we meet Dennis, Patricia, Hedwig, and the darkest of all The Beast – all controlled by Barry. The former two are also the dark personalities of Kevin, who call themselves ‘the Horde’. With each personality switching to another, he undergoes a physical transformation as well. While one personality requires glasses, the other injects insulin shots and one faces OCD issues. These scenes are truly spin-chilling and total Shyamalan style. One of the personality kidnaps three teenagers and hold them, hostage, beneath the zoo he works. Unfortunately, The Beast is out.

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    What Was The Twist At The End Of ‘Split’?

    In the beginning, it seemed to be a very normal movie, but how can that be possible when it is directed by Mr.Night Shyamalan? He is known for his gut-wrenching, spine-chilling segments. Like the sixth sense and Unbreakable, Shyamalan delivered what he promised. Kevin suffers from ‘DID’, juggling between 24 personalities which leads to chaos. He kidnaps three teenage girls and locks them up in the basement.

    The Beast kills the two other girls and his therapist, on the run to kill Casey. As described previously, The Beast has a rhino’s hard skin and strong nails that allow him to climb walls and is not affected by the bullets aimed at him. When he finally gets to her, he sees the scars of abuse and sympathizes with her calling her ‘pure’. The sole purpose of killing the other two girls was because they were ‘impure’ meaning they never faced any abuse. Pretty questionable and intriguing reason to choose your prey! Kevin when called out, realizes his crimes, and begged Cassy to kill him as he believes that it is only September 18, 2014.

    Since the movie is known for twists, the ending is not simple, it is actually left to interpret. In the final segment, Bruce Willis makes a cameo appearance, hinting at his involvement in the franchise. Kevin has also managed to escape, promising further chaos. There is definitely a possibility for these two villains to come together in the final sequel of the Unbreakableverse, ‘The Glass‘. As bravely, as Cassy faced the Beast, she also faces the Beast of her life, her uncle. When the inspector asks her to go with her guardian she looks with a bloody eye-shot, which conveys a lot more than shown.

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    What’s The Theme Of ‘Split’?

    The movie not only focused on ‘DID’, but also played around with a darker theme-‘abuse’. The movie did not only focus on Kevin but also on Cassey, consistently shifting into her pasts. The only commonality between the protagonist and antagonist of ‘Split’ is that both were victims of childhood abuse. Something that killed her every day, saved her and empowered her to face her demons. For Casey, this manifests in her desire to be alone, with silence essentially her coping mechanism. Kevin’s is a more extreme case, hinted to come from a darker past, where he’s completely repressed the pain and in doing so birthed new personalities to cope with the trauma.

    Apart from childhood abuse, the movie touches on other dark matters as well. In a series of flashbacks we see Cassy being taught to hunt by her father, at first assumed to be the cause of her skewed view of the world, but later revealed as context for the horrific abuse at the hands of her uncle. The film presents a chilling representation of ‘pedophilia’ – the grooming scene, with the adult wanting to play animals is disturbing, as is the power the uncle wields even when held at gunpoint – and goes to great efforts to show how it affected Casey’s life growing up. What Shyamalan tries to convey is that people suffering from mental health issues often view themselves as alone, not seeing their connection to the wider world.

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