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Fans React To Taylor Swift Singing About Being Okay With Getting Slutshamed

Taylor Swift just dropped her newest re-recording- and it’s her most awaited and anticipated album. As fans got to hear all the new vault tracks of the album – there was one that captured Swifties’ attention for the longest time. It’s none other than ‘Slut!’.

After release, the song turned out to be the opposite of what fans were anticipating. But what exactly is the song about? Or more specifically, who is the song about?

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What Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Slut!’ About?

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When Taylor released the vault track names, Swifties expected ‘Slut!’ to be another petty pop song. After the song’s release, it turns out it’s the opposite of that.

Speaking of the song, Taylor said, “The song “Slut!” is a song we wrote for 1989 and in it, I kind of cheekly play on the discussions at that time of my life around my dating life. And that’s not the only time on 1989 that I’d done that, I’ve done that on ‘Blank Space’ and when I came down to having to pick songs for the album, I think I though, “Okay, well, I’m going to choose ‘Blank Space’”.

The song is about a new, dreamy relationship she’s in. Everything is perfect, except for one thing: the boy (or a gentleman, as she refers him as in the song) is too famous and loved for her good. She sings, “Everybody wants him, that’s my crime”.

Further lyrics reveal that the person she was with, didn’t really love her as much as she did.

In the chorus of the song, she sings that she’s in danger of being slutshamed if she is with him. But she says that for once, it would be worth it. The lyrics go, “But if I’m all dressed up, they might as well be lookin’ at us. And if they call me a slut. You know it might be worth it for once”.

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How Did Fans React To ‘Slut’?

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Many fans speculated that the song is about Harry Styles.

Another Swiftie talked about how the song was completely different than what I expected.

Many Swifties also dissected the song and its meaning.

Swifties also pointed out the similarity of ‘Slut!’ with some of her old songs.

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