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    From ‘I’d Marry You With Paper Rings’ To ‘I Wouldn’t Marry Me Either,’ Fans Are Devastated Over The Lyrics Of ‘You’re Losing Me’ By Taylor Swift

    In October 2022, Taylor Swift released one of her most anticipated tenth studio albums, ‘Midnights.’ The album has done thunderous commercial business, with fans revering Swift’s new work, “Midnights.” The album has done thunderous commercial business, with fans revering Swift’s new work. The album has a very sensual, upbeat undertone to it. She became the first artist to occupy the Top 10 section of the Billboard Hot 100, and now she is touring all over the US with her ‘Eras’ Tour.

    During the tour, Taylor Swift introduced the Swifties to many surprises. She gave a shout-out to her rumored boyfriend, Matt Healy, during one of the shows. The ‘folklore’ songstress also announced the re-recording of her third studio album, ‘Speak Now.’ Recently, Swift released the deluxe edition of ‘Midnights’  called ‘Til Dawn Edition,’ which includes Ice Spice and Lana Del Rey as features. But the New Jersey fans got a surprise with a new single, ‘You’re Losing Me,’ whose lyrics had Swifties in shambles.

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    Taylor Swift Sings About The Devastating Phase Before Her Break Up In ‘You’re Losing Me’

    Taylor Swift's 'You're Losing Me' lyrics allude to the rocky relationship with Joe Alwyn
    Taylor Swift’s ‘You’re Losing Me’ lyrics allude to the rocky relationship with Joe Alwyn

    Amid the feel-good, rambunctiously sensual ‘Midnights,’ Taylor Swift has released a vault track that could have never made it to the album, titled ‘You’re Losing Me.’ During her May 26, 2023, ‘Eras’ tour concert in New Jersey at MetLife Stadium, Taylor exclusively released the song. She first released the song on a CD edition, which was restricted to the fans at the concert venue. Later, she released it digitally on her website.

    The lyrics to “You’re Losing Me’ allude to her recent breakup with Joe Alwyn after six years. The lyrics hint at the inevitability of the end of something beautiful most devastatingly. One lyric goes, “Do I throw out everything we built or keep it? / I’m getting tired even for a phoenix / Always rising from the ashes / Mending all her gashes / You might just have dealt the final blow.”

    It is the first single in a while where Swift is talking about her relationship struggles without fictionalizing any context. Along with this heartbreaking song, Swift released two more songs that were far, tonally, from this one. One was the ‘Karma’ remix with the rap sensation Ice Spice, and she brought more Lana Del Ray with the ‘Snow on the Beach’ remix. However, the Swifties strongly reacted to the song, and their reactions oscillated between sad and devastated.

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    Swifties Have Reacted To The New Heart-Wrenching Ballad From The Artist

    Taylor Swift on 'Midnights' cover
    Taylor Swift on ‘Midnights’ cover

    ‘You’re Losing Me,’ though not directly, hints at the dwindling relationship between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. After six years, the couple had an amicable breakup. The fans were concerned when Joe was not present during any show of her new tour. Alwyn and Swift collaborated on songs for which the actor penned lyrics under the pseudonym William Bowery.

    Swifties hinted at the transition from lyrics like “I hope I never lose you/ I hope it never ends” to “I wouldn’t marry me either/ A pathological people pleaser.” The theme of the song was very similar to her previous songs like ‘The Great War,’ ‘Exile,’ and ‘Champagne Problems.’ Swifties flooded Twitter with their reactions to this new ballad from their beloved artist.

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