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    How Did Grammys Get Its Name? When Did The First Edition Of The Awards Take Place?

    Every music fan is excited about the Grammys. Music lovers wait to know the artists awarded in various categories. Grammys are presented every year in the United States. The awards are given in more than 25 fields which cover pop, rock, rap, country, reggae, classical, gospel, and jazz. They also include production, post-production, packaging, and album note.

    The awards are given by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) or the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (LARAS). Generally, four awards are given for record, album, song of the year, and best new artist. A total of 75 awards are awarded every year by the Grammys. Here’s all about the history of the Grammys and how it got its name.

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    History Behind The Name

    Grammy Awards

    The Grammy Awards are the most prestigious music award show that happens every year. The event honors musicians of every age and genre. More than 75 awards are presented every year by the Recording Academy to honor the music industry. The awardees receive a golden statuette of a gramophone.

    The Grammys, formerly known as the Gramophone Awards, first occurred in 1959. The winners are presented with this gold-plated phonograph or record player from the beginning. The name Grammys is an homage to the gramophone and its revolutionary impact on the music industry. However, the initial name of the Gramophone Award was shortened over time to the present name.

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    First Grammy Award Ceremony

    The first live telecast of the Grammy Awards in March 1971

    The first ever Grammy Awards was presented by NARAS in Los Angeles in 1959 on May 4 with awards presented in 28 categories. The awardees included elite artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and the Kingston Trio. The ceremony was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Hills.

    The number of awards given has increased over time. Rock and rap became recognized as genres in the years 1980 and 1989 respectively, as a way to acknowledge their growing influence. Later in 2011, the award categories underwent some changes. The gender-based and solo-group distinctions were removed from the Grammy category system.

    Earlier, the ceremonies were usually pre-taped and then presented on television. The first live telecast happened on March 16, 1971. Grammys give the artist the favor of increased record sales and increased recognition as an artist. Sir George Solti, Quincy Jones, Alison Krauss, Stevie Wonder, and Chet Atkins are among the artists with the most awards.

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