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    “I Think She’s Great”: Paul Rudd Admits He Is Swiftie As He Names His Favorite Taylor Swift Songs

    Taylor Swift is one of the biggest music artists in the world with a cult-like following. Most of her music resonates with young women leading to her garnering a huge fan base filled with women. However, men easily don’t accept they are into ‘Taylor Swift songs’ making it surprising if any man comes out as a Swiftie. American actor Paul Rudd is one of them.

    Rudd is known for starring in big movies such as ‘The Antman And The Wasp’ and more. Additionally, he is also a part of the upcoming film ‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire‘.

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    Paul Rudd Is A Swiftie

    Paul Rudd
    Paul Rudd

    Paul Rudd recently appeared in an interview with MTV to promote his upcoming film ‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire‘. However, the interview was more about him being a Taylor Swift fan rather than ghosts. This was because Paul has been open about going to the Eras Tour with his daughters and enjoying the experience.

    After the interviewer asked him whether he was a Taylor Swift fan as he went to the ‘Eras tour with his daughter, Rudd quickly owned up to liking Swift. “I think she’s really good, I think she’s great.” He explained with a smile on his face.

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    What Are Paul Rudd’s Favorite Taylor Swift Songs?

    Taylor Swift at the Eras Tour
    Taylor Swift at the Eras Tour

    Rudd had previously also spoken about his Eras Tour experience with his daughter on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. “I was so knocked out by how it was like a stadium filled with 80,000 people, whatever it was, and I just thought there is so much support and love and positivity. Normally, it’s the opposite feeling. You know, it gets pretty rough. At the Super Bowl, there’s a lot of screaming and fans fighting each other, there, it was pure love and support. It was incredible.”

    Additionally, in his latest interview, he revealed his favorite Taylor Swift songs which he sings along to. “I really like ‘Mastermind.’ I’d sing a lot on that one,” Rudd quickly replied. ‘Cruel Summer,’ sure like everybody else. Right? ‘The Archer,’ maybe. ‘August,’ maybe.”

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