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    “I Had To ‘Let It Go’ Like Elsa”: Kelly Clarkson Reveals Bon Jovi’s ‘Blaze Of Glory’ Almost Killed Her

    If there’s one thing to know about Kelly Clarkson, it’s that she always kills the game when it comes to song covers. The singling sensation who is known for her vocal range talked about one particular song that gave her a disastrous experience, and almost ‘killed’ her.

    Clarkson sang a rendition of Bon Jovi’s ‘Blaze Of Glory’ and recalled how hard it was for her to memorize the lyrics and ace the song. Here’s why ‘Blaze Of Glory’ gave Kelly Clarkson such a hard time and how she soon got over it.

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    Kelly Clarkson Recounts Disastrous Experience With Bon Jovi’s ‘Blaze of Glory’

    Kelly Clarkson
    Kelly Clarkson

    Honoring Bon Jovi who was a guest on the show, Kelly Clarkson, sang ‘Blaze of Glory’ by Jon Bon Jovi for her talk show’s Kellyoke section on Thursday’s broadcast of ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’. Clarkson described the early ’90s hard-rock classic as “the song that almost killed me” and said that she had trouble remembering the lyrics as she showed a blooper clip for the performance.

    “I grew up on that song. I know that song, but in rehearsal, I messed it up, like, a gazillion times. Not even because I wasn’t hitting the notes, I just couldn’t read. I just kept saying the wrong words,” she recalled then added: “It got so ridiculous, I had to ‘Let It Go’ like Elsa for a minute. And then I had someone come rescue me.”

    After that, Clarkson performed a few poor renditions of the Jon Bon Jovi song. She attempted to laugh off her first lyrical error and move on. But as she proceeded to miss more of the song’s words, Clarkson grew more agitated, even yelling into the microphone at one point saying “Let me fake my final stand.”

    Lucky for her, Bon Jovi provided some support by getting up and coming to her “rescue.” As he walked on stage, Clarkson collapsed on the ground jokingly in surrender. “Come on, girlfriend!” Bon Jovi encouragingly, to which Clarkson replied, “I can’t say the right words.”

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    All About ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

    Kelly Clarkson
    Kelly Clarkson

    Airing on NBC, ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show‘, hosted by Clarkson herself is now one of the most popular tal shows as the singing empress interviews various celebrities on the couch, along with other musical elements of the show.

    The show begins with Clarkson performing ‘Kellyoke,’ a musical rendition of cover songs chosen by an audience member, and wraps up with her engaging in a game with her guests. The third season debuted the ‘Kellyoke’ classic tradition, in which Clarkson sings non-single versions of her own songs. The show started in 2019 and has successfully been running ever since.

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