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    Sabrina Carpenter Announces 6th Studio Album ‘Short N Sweet’

    As her chart-topper ‘Espresso‘ continues to remain on top of the chart for five weeks straight, Sabrina Carpenter decided to treat her fans with something sweet and special as she announced her sixth studio album.

    Carpenter, who has recently been on fire with multiple big appearances and a Coachella performance after opening for Taylor Swift, made the announcement with another special surprise, asking fans to keep an eye open for. Fans also noticed a minor easter egg in the album’s name and a lyric from ‘Espresso.’ Here’s everything you need to know about the pop princess’ new music.

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    Sabrina Carpenter’s New Album

    Sabrina Carpenter
    Sabrina Carpenter

    If you heard ‘Espresso’ and got addicted to it as we did, then get ready to hear more of Sabrina Carpenter because she has just announced her sixth studio album after the success of her last album ‘Emails I Can’t Send.’

    Carpenter took to social media to announce that her brand new album, ‘Short N Sweet’ will be arriving this August. The pop star also urged fans to keep an eye out for a surprise this Thursday.

    Fans also discussed that the title may be an allusion to her lyric from ‘Espresso’ where she sings, “Is it that sweet? I guess so.”

    Her last album ‘Emails I Can’t Send’ received considerable applaud from critics and fans as it debuted on several charts and was called one of the best albums of the year. Further, her singles ‘Nonsense‘ and ‘Feather‘ became the biggest hits of her career until she dropped ‘Espresso.’ The song, apart from spending five weeks on the top spots of the charts, have gone viral everywhere with several big artists and actors from the industry also acknowledging it.

    As of now, fans are excited to see what she has in store for Thursday and what new surprises the new album will hold. Knowing Carpenter, they will probably be sweet.

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    Sabrina Carpenter’s Road To Success

    Sabrina Carpenter
    Sabrina Carpenter

    Though she has been making music since her Disney days, Sabrina’s road to success was a little delayed than others as she received her big break after her fifth album. This included a complete rebrand of her genre and looks and media presence, and some brilliant teen pop/dance pop music that were chart topping hits.

    Further, her career got a considerable lift as she opened for Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ and has, by a wide margin, been the most popular opening act for the tour. She also is now a part of Swift’s squad as she is frequently seen hanging out with the ‘Down Bad’ singer, including going on double dates with Swift’s beau Travis Kelce and her own boyfriend Barry Keoghan.

    It would surely be a pleasant surprise to see what she has in store for her sixth album after the success of ‘Espresso.’ Hopefully it’s as addictive and sweet as it’s predecessor!

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