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    “There’s A Double Meaning If You Dig Deep”: Watch Sabrina Carpenter Respond To BBC’s Warning With Cheeky Ad-Lib

    Sabrina Carpenter is not shying away from being cheeky about criticism, as she recently made a clever reference in the performance of her hit single ‘Nonsense‘. Carpenter addressed the BBC after allegedly being instructed to keep her performance “PG” at Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2024, which took place on May 26 at Stockwood Park in Luton.

    The pop star’s response was both cheeky and clever, as she playfully referenced the directive during the outro of one of her performances. Here’s what the star did and how the internet is reacting to it.

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    Sabrina Carpenter Gives Middle Fingers As She Targets BBC Through Her Performance

    Sabrina Carpenter
    Sabrina Carpenter

    Sabrina Carpenter was wrapping up the performance of her hit single ‘Nonsense‘, when she ad-libbed with the lines to address the BBC after it recently asked her to keep her performance “PG” at Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2024.

    As she ended her performance, she sang, “BBC said I should keep it PG / BBC I wish I had it in me,” as the crowd listened carefully. “There’s a double meaning if you dig deep,” she added and blew a kiss to the crowd.

    Sabrina’s gesture was in response to her 2023 performance on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, where she riffed, “How quickly can you take your clothes off, pop quiz / I’m American I am not British, so BBC it stands for something different / This live lounge is so lit because I’m in it, innit.”

    This controversial line from the Live Lounge performance was removed from YouTube after being initially uploaded with it intact. In the US, the term “BBC” is commonly associated with a specific subgenre of pornography, which added a layer of humor to Carpenter’s ad-lib.

    Her 2023 quip also caught the attention of Charli XCX, who tweeted, “sabrina carpenter explaining bbc on the bbc is so funny i can’t.”

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    Sabrina Carpenter Continues Her Cheeky Banter Against BBC As Her Song Tops Charts

    Sabrina Carpenter
    Sabrina Carpenter

    The popular broadcasting platform BBC considered this a damage to its image. Though BBC tried its best to maintain a certain decorum, Sabrina Carpenter has continued to charm and engage with the audience with her rather cheeky statements.

    As she performed her hit single ‘Espresso‘, she addressed the crowd, saying, “What the hell was that about, you guys? I was really concerned because I was like, ‘Surely the UK only drinks tea. They would never drink Espresso.’”

    The track has dominated the UK Singles Chart, as it also held the Number One spot for an entire month and surpassed Billie Eilish’s ‘LUNCH’. ‘Espresso‘ has also garnered admiration from Adele, who called it “my jam” and admitted to singing it while getting into bed.

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