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    Taylor Swift Is Named After A Famous Musician And She Herself Told Him So In The Sweetest Manner

    Taylor Swift, the most popular artist in the world at the moment, is named after another big artist who also had a huge career in the industry, and also inspired Swift to make music. That artist is none other than James Taylor.

    Swift has often spoken highly of James, talking about the moment she found out she was named after him, and even name dropping him in one of her songs. Here’s how James Taylor found out Taylor Swift was named after him and how he reacted.

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    Taylor Swift Is A Huge Fan Of James Taylor

    James Taylor and Taylor Swift
    James Taylor and Taylor Swift

    In her song ‘Begin Again’, Taylor Swift sings “He says he never met one girl who had as many James Taylor records as you/ But I do”, namedropping the inspiration behind her name and to some extent, even her musical career. Swift has been a huge fan of James ever since she was a teenager.

    On one of the shows for the ‘Speak Now’ tour, Swift even told fans the story about how she discovered that she was named after James. She said she was telling her mom Andrea about chorus class and she told her that she only enjoyed singing one song in class – James Taylor’s ‘Fire and Rain.

    “And then she said, ‘It’s really funny that you say that ’cause you’re kind of named after him,'” Swift recalled. After the crowd cheered on, she brought out James Taylor to sing a duet of ‘Fire and Rain’ together

    Swift is not the only one who has a pleasant memory of getting to know who she was named after. James himself has a sweet story to tell about the moment he got to know that she was named after him.

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    How Did Taylor Swift Tell James Taylor That She Was Named After Him?

    James Taylor and Taylor Swift
    James Taylor and Taylor Swift

    About fifteen years ago, as James Taylor recalled, he met the ‘Cruel Summer’ singer for the first time and she made sure to let him know that he was the inspiration behind her name.

    “We did a benefit for [the Candie’s Foundation], an organization that tries to help with teenage pregnancy, and it was interesting,” he recalled.

    “We were both there with guitars and played a couple of songs. I was performing with my wife and may have had a friend of ours playing cello and Taylor was there just playing by herself.” 

    “She was just a teen. She told me she had listened to my music a lot and that her folks had named her with me in mind,” he added. 

    The rest, of course, is history!

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