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    Who Is Jeff Lang? Which Song Did Taylor Swift Write About Him?

    Taylor Swift has frequently been named one of the most brilliant songwriters in the industry, and it shows in how she turns fictional and real-life events into beautiful music. She has often written about other people’s lives, like her best friend Abigail, and Ronan, the little boy who died from cancer.

    Among all these, there’s another song Swift has written for one of her friends, Jeff Lang. And it might just be one of the saddest songs Taylor has ever written. Read on to learn who Jeff Lang is and how he inspired this song.

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    All About Jeff Lang

    Taylor Swift and Jeff Lang

    Taylor Swift and Jeff Lang have been best friends for a long time. She claimed that Jeff was always the first one she would sing to. Unfortunately, Lang died of a drug overdose. He was suffering from mental health disorders and substance abuse disorders and lost his life when he was 21.

    At the 2010 BMI Awards, Swift made an acceptance speech for winning Songwriter Of The Year, where she dedicated the award to Lang. She said, “It’s been a really emotional week for me…Yesterday, I sang at the funeral of one of my best friends… He was 21, and I used to play my songs for him first. So I would like to thank Jeff Lang.”

    Swift has often written songs about sensitive topics such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. There was one vault track on the album ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)‘ called ‘Forever Winter‘. Fans assumed this song was written for Jeff Lang.

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    What Is ‘Forever Winter’ About?

    Taylor Swift

    Forever Winter‘, focusing on the lyrics, is heavily about someone who is going through depression, and quite possibly, suffering from suicidal tendencies. In the song, Taylor Swift is heard singing about her helplessness in not being able to help him and how she wished there was some way she could make him see the brighter side.

    She sings, “All this time, I didn’t know/ You were breaking down/ I’d fall to pieces on the floor/ If you weren’t around/ Too young to know it gets better/ I’ll be summer sun for you forever/ Forever winter if you go,” implying that his absence would mean “Forever Winter” for Swift.

    In another line, she sings, “[I] Live my life scared to death; he’ll decide to leave instead.” It comes out as one of the most vulnerable and emotional songs Swift has written in her career. It stands out as a testament to her excellent songwriting.

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