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    Lights, Camera, Hawkins: Production Of ‘Stranger Things 5’ Is Officially Underway, Cast Shares Pic From Set

    All the Stranger Things’ fans, gear up for a thrilling journey back to Hawkins, Indiana. The news is that the eagerly awaited fifth season of the Netflix hit officially kicked off production. 

    The show that turned out not quite that PG started in 2016 with the character Will Byers going missing. Since then the family and friends of Will not only found him but a whole other world right under their boring town of Hawkins. The thrilling four seasons of the show have had a cultural impact on the audience from bringing back 80s tunes to inspiring Halloween costumes. Now the final installment is filming, let us take a deep dive into the phenomenon that is ‘Stranger Things’.

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    ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 Release Date

    Stranger Things season 2

    Netflix officially announced the start of ‘Stranger Things 5’ production with a black & white picture of the cast gathered together. With the news comes the bittersweet realization that the beginning of the highly anticipated fifth season also marks the beginning of the series’ end. 

    While the release date of this season remains a mystery, the cast photo gave the fans much-needed excitement after a year-and-a-half break. The production of season 5 was supposed to begin earlier in 2023 but was delayed by the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA

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    Beyond Hawkins: ‘Stranger Things’ Legacy Expands With Stage Show And Animated Spinoff

    Stranger Things

    The legacy of the 1980s-inspired Netflix sci-fi story extends beyond the small screen. Creators of the show, The Duffer Brothers have revealed additional projects in the works that branch out from the show. The theatrical production ‘Stranger Things: The First Shadow’ will run in London’s West End, and an animated spinoff series of the same name is also in development.

    In addition to receiving widespread praise, the original series’ success—which began in July 2016—has influenced popular culture and increased the recognition of products and music that are featured in the program. Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up the Hill’ entering the Billboard Top 100 charts in 2022 is a prime example of it.

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