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    Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Netflix Series: 10 Biggest Revelations

    The much-awaited Netflix series of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle finally debuted on December 8, 2022. Well, at least the first part did, till the third episode. The first part showed snippets of the couple’s life and we can’t wait for the second part of the series, which is to be released on the 15 December.

    Harry and Meghan made a deal with Netflix to produce documentaries and even scripted shows which are estimated to a worth $100-150 million. Netflix announced that the show has been the second most watched show so far, in the week of its release.

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    10 Biggest Revelations In The Show

    1. Prince Harry And Meghan’s Nicknames For Each Other Are Revealed

    In the first three episodes of the show, it is revealed that Meghan calls Harry “Haz”. She apparently picked up this name from the friend who had introduced them. Once Meghan is also seen calling him “H.” As for Meghan, Harry and most of her friends and family call her “Meg,” although he also calls her “M” once.

    2. Appearances Of Archie And His Accent

    The Duke and Duchess’ older kid Archie, who is three, is seen a few times in the first episode of the show. He is seen playing with his father and visiting chickens and donkeys while riding on top of a wheeled suitcase. Archie seems to have a British accent. While, Harry and Meghan’s second child, daughter Lilibet, does not appear on the show so far.

    3. Did Meghan Markle Comb Through Harry’s Instagram?

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

    In the show, Meghan reveals that she did not search for Prince Harry on Google, before meeting him for the first time. However, she did stalk him on Instagram. Harry’s photos of his visits to Africa and its beautiful animals and scenery, apparently won her over. At least she admits to this, making her give Harry a first date.

    4. Details Of Their First Date

    Harry reveals that their first date was in a members-only club called Soho House at 76 Dean St. The couple also revealed that Harry was half an hour late, which made Meghan wonder if he was an egomaniac. However, his many apologies made Meghan forgive him quickly. Harry also says that he had an extensive list of what he was looking for in a partner and that Meghan fulfilled it all.

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    5. What Did The Couple Say About The Royal Family?

    Monarchs family at the Buckingham Palace balcony

    So far in the show, Harry and Meghan did not say anything contrary about other members of the royal family. However, Harry did mention that as a male member of the royal family, there is some pressure for the royal wife needing to fulfill certain criteria and not choose someone that they are “destined to be with.” Harry also says that some members of the family did not feel sorry for Meghan when she was hunted down by the paparazzi and the whole situation related to racism.

    6. Life With The Paparazzi

    Harry shows a part of his life with the paparazzi, and how they are told not to react to the camera. The show particularly shows a clip of young Harry, William, and their two cousins playing on ski slopes while they are ambushed by paparazzi. Harry also mentions deals with photographers where they pose for certain pictures, in return for the media to stay away for some amount of time.

    7. Are The Royals Formal Off Camera?

    Meghan says that when she met Prince William and his Wife Kate for the first time, she was in ripped jeans and hugged them in instantly. Although her hugs weren’t returned, we get the impression of the royals being formal with even family and friends. She says they don’t even let down their hair while off-camera.

    8. Meghan Markle Didn’t Know How To Curtsy

    Meghan Markle
    Meghan Markle

    The Duchess tells us that Prince Harry had not informed her before taking her to meet Queen Elizabeth II for the first time. And while they were on their way over, he asked her if she knew how to curtsy. Meghan mimics the curtsy she did at that time, which was so exaggerated that she ends up laughing.

    9. Meghan Markle’s Ties With Her Family

    In the show, we can see Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland giving interviews and talking about Meghan’s early life. However, we don’t see Meghan’s father Thomas, and sister Samantha. Meghan’s father and her sister are known to have a not-a-great relationship with her. We also see Samantha’s daughter Ashleigh in the show. She also says that although Samantha is her biological mother, she was raised by her grandparents.

    10. Prince Harry’s 2005 Nazi Outfit

    In 2005, Harry was seen wearing a Nazi costume at a party, for which he received much backlash from the media and the people. He doesn’t reveal the reason for wearing the outfit but says that it was one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Later on, he became aware and more educated about why Nazism should not be used for a costume.

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