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    ‘The Witcher’: Top 10 Strongest Characters Of The Netflix Show

    The Witcher is one of the best shows on Netflix and the show always remains on top of the ten best shows on the streaming platform. The show is most famous for featuring Henry Cavill in the lead role.

    The characters of ‘The Witcher’ have also gained popularity. There are various reasons available behind them being favorites of fans including their appearance, powers, dialogues, and some specific scenes that have become viral on social media. Today we will discuss a few characters from the show.

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    Most Powerful Characters Of ‘The Witcher’

    1. Geralt


    Geralt is one of the lead characters and the show is impossible without him. He is the one who saves Striga and the Butcher of Blaviken with several trophies to prove his professional prowess.

    2. Yennefer


    Yennefer was upgraded completely in the show compared to how she appeared in the book. However, the book version is very different but because of the things that happen to the character, she kills a lot of people despite being just on her own.

    3. Renfri


    Renfri has more skills and resilience compared to the other characters in the show. She is a twisted version of Snow White and was cast out and set in the cruel world as a child. Renfri is a survivor and she even formed a mercenary band which even the local guardsmen of Blaviken feared.

    4. Triss


    Although Triss is one of the youngest sorceresses in her circle she has proven that she’s no slouch when it comes to life-threatening situations. Triss was seen holding the gates of their stronghold in Sodden against a huge army of Nilfgaardian soldiers. Things would have taken a worse turn if she did not do it.

    5. Cahir


    Cahir is a normal human from Nilfgaard who is asked to search and save Ciri from Cintra or the place where she has been living. He is shown as an antagonist and is accompanied by an army. He still has the best combat capabilities and is a military leader.

    6. Tissaia De Vries

    Tissaia De Vries

    Tissaia De Vries is another popular character in the show. She is the mentor of Yennefer and apart from that she is also the most influential and proficient magic-users in Aretuza and among the magic circle.

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    7. Vilgefortz


    Vilgefortz possibly fought on purpose and lost a strategic advantage. Vilgefortz was portraying signs of betrayal when he woke up and killed his ally and he was possibly working for Nilfgaard before all these as per the details mentioned in ‘The Witcher‘ books.

    8. Fringilla Vigo

    Fringilla Vigo

    Fringilla Vigo is another person in ‘The Witcher’ who has caused more trouble for herself. Fringilla Vigo was sent to the Nilfgaard as an advisor for the king.

    9. Borch Three Jackdaws

    Borch Three Jackdaws

    Borch Three Jackdaws is portrayed as a human accompanied by two Zerrikanian bodyguards but he is a very powerful dragon in reality. His other name is Villentretenmerth and is the only remaining golden dragon in the entire universe.

    10. Ciri


    Ciri is one of the most important characters of ‘The Witcher‘. The game took a liberty while adapting her on screen and she became a goddess of time and space. However, her current situation in the Netflix show is completely different.

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