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    ‘Avatar 2’: New Image Confirms Stephen Lang’s Villainous Return As A Na’vi

    Avatar: The Way of Water’ teaser trailer is pretty much making the fans ask for more. But a recent image suggesting the return of Stephen Lang’s villain Quaritch in the sequel has added some extra fuel to the frenzy. James Cameron-directed masterpiece is gradually revealing the looks of the super cast.

    Recently, the first look of Kate Winslet as Ronal created hype on social media. The actress is reuniting with James Cameroon once again after the iconic ‘Titanic.’ And now, the trailer lights up the first look of Stephen Lang but with an interesting twist.

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    New Image Features Stephen Lang As A Na’vi In ‘Avatar 2’

    Stephen Lang's villain Quaritch in Avatar 2
    Stephen Lang’s villain Quaritch in ‘Avatar 2’

    A new image from ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ hinted Stephen Lang’s villain will return to the sequel as a Na’vi. Back in 2009, ‘Avatar‘ featured Lang as Miles Quaritch. Quaritch, the chief of security on Pandora, organized the attacks against the Na’vi people. Thus, he became the principal antagonist in the film. The character was killed off in the first movie during combat in the attack on the Tree of souls.

    Fans knew all along that Lang would reprise his character in ‘Avatar 2‘, but their only question was how and in what form? Though James Cameron didn’t give a hint about how he’s actually planning to bring Stephen on the screen, the new image confirmed that he is going to play a Na’vi character.

    The teaser trailer for the sequel showed one of the Na’vi characters dressed in military combat gear, with some striking similarities with Quaritch. This led the fans to believe that the character would appear as a Na’vi reincarnation of the formerly human villain.

    A newly released ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ image from Empire has confirmed the suspicions. The image features Lang as Quaritch, but in a large blue avatar body. He is standing next to human co-workers in what appears to be the Resources Development Administration (RDA, as it was known in the first film), with its high-tech computer screens and simulations all around.

    Lang Opens Up About His Character

    Stephen Lang's villain Quaritch in Avatar 2
    Stephen Lang’s villain Quaritch in Avatar 2

    Stephen Lang himself has already confirmed his appearance as Colonel Miles Quaritch in the long-awaited sequel. Speaking to Empire, Lang said his character is back and that “he’s bigger, he’s bluer, he’s pissed off.”

    “There may possibly be an aspect of humility. When you take two Na’vi arrows in the chest, that’s gonna have some kind of effect on you,” he said about his character.

    However, he also seemingly hinted that Quaritch now has super-villain powers, explaining, “But now he is as lithe as they come. He can move with the same kind of cunning and feral quality that any of the Na’vi can.” ‘Avatar 2’ will hit the big screens on December 16 this year.

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