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    Doctor Strange 2 Artwork Reveals Daniel Craig As Illuminati Character Which Was Dropped From The Movie

    The plot of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ received a variety of reactions from critics, but the narrative as a whole had a lot going for it. The introduction of the Illuminati served as one of the most important aspects of the film.

    The Marvel Studio has planned many big cameos in the film but not all made it through. According to Justin Kroll of Deadline, Daniel Craig was at one point in time considered for the role of an Illuminati member on Earth-838. This role was scrapped due to scheduling conflicts.

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    First Look At Concept Art Showing Daniel Craig As  Balder The Brave

    Concept Art
    Concept Art

    The artist Darrell Warner has published a new set of photographs on Instagram, and one of them may provide a glimpse of a sequence that was cut from the film Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness starring Daniel Craig.

    Warner provided four photographs along with a caption that explained how he didn’t want to give away the identity, but he did give the extremely telling indication that the figure was the “brother to Thor and Loki”.

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    Warner captioned the post: “Small series of a Work in Progress (without giving away the character!)…..Clues include Costume Design by Graham Churchyard | Brother to Thor & L0ki…….Costume watercolor of an actor who could not fulfill the role.”

    The very first picture displayed the character’s whole outline, which had been drawn in pencil. When the image is compared to the indications that have been given and the prior speculations that have been spread about the movie, it is extremely evident that it is representing Balder the Brave. Before things fell through, it was speculated that Daniel Craig would play the role of Balder the Brave in the film.

    Will Fans Ever See Balder The Brave In Earth-616

    Balder The Brave
    Balder The Brave

    In the Marvel Comics universe, Balder is shown as Thor and Loki’s brother. It was once predicted that his passing would initiate Ragnarok. As a result of this prophecy, Odin and Frigga bestowed upon him the gift of immortality. Because Loki previously forced his essence into the metallic device, the figure also has a significant relationship to the massive Destroyer robot, which is the same one that appeared in Thor.

    So, the question is: Will his fans ever get to see him in Earth-616? Most likely not, seeing as how the possibility of Odinson having another sibling has never been addressed in any of the films. Due to the fact that the hidden long-lost sibling prank from ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ was previously played out with Hela, it is highly unlikely that Marvel Studios will play the same trick twice.

    However, viewers have seen time and again that they should never say never when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It is possible that Balder will be one of the next characters to have their first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe see them undergo a near-total reimagining of their appearance from the ground up.

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